Night Owl and Stormy Weather

frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)August 17, 2014

I love these two roses, and grow multiple specimens of each. However, neither of them really acts like a climber for me. My tallest Stormy Weather is maybe 5 ft; the others are shorter. Basically, these two really seem to be shrubs, not climbers, at least in my zone 6 garden. Does anybody else successfully grow them as climbers? And if so, can you shed any light on the behavior of mine? Maybe its climate?

Thanks in advance, any thoughts most appreciated!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

How long have you had your Stormy Weather? Mine is 3 years old and is finally reblooming and throwing canes longer than 44" I saw some really nice looking ones on a pillared wall and hope mine start taking off like that next season

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frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)

My oldest Stormy weather is, I think, 2 years old. I guess maybe I just have to wait longer; but then again, I gather you are in CA, so quite a different climate. About how tall were the pillared ones you saw? Mine rebloom quite well, they are just short. As for Night Owl, I have had my oldest for, I think, 4 years, and it is short; maybe 3 ft tall.

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Try giving them 2 cups of alfalfa pellets from the feed store. When I do this most roses will throw much bigger canes within 3-4 weeks. The canes will also mature to a much thicker size allowing me to prune them to a longer length. It's possible that winter die back for you might be less severe with bigger canes. Just a guess.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Mine seems to hate the heat and I think that is what slowed it down so much

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

Thanks for starting this thread, Frances. I want to get both of these roses this fall,but knowing about habit is always essential,and this is info that's hard to find. I hope some others who grow these roses will weigh in...

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