Grande Amore 10, 2014

Anyone out there grow the Kords red HT, Grande Amore?? I've heard the blooms aren't all that big. Especially compared to Veterans Honor, Olympiad and a few other large reds. I have an open spot between Veterans Honor and Let Freedom Ring and I really don't want to put a red in there that will have blooms only half the size of these two.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I really like Grande Amore, but typically the blooms are smaller than the reds that you named. Grande Amore can get quite tall. Mine had crown gall and was Sp'd late winter. I added 2 more bareroots this spring because I like it.

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Long stems, and very small blooms for me, mine got the shovel...

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Grande Amore looks like a lovely rose. I've never had it, but had another red Kordes rose, Kardinal. The blooms on it were always on the smallish side too, but they were so perfect it never mattered. It was a healthy bush and a good bloomer.

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Yes, the blooms are a little smaller, now that you point that out. My blooms are about the same size as I get with LFR. But, I get a lot more blooms out of Grande Amore and the form is significantly better--I get mostly cupped blooms out of LFR rather than the ideal high centered form. LFR is on the short list of roses I plan to get rid of...

In theory, one might be able to get larger blooms out of GA by disbudding some of those canes.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

Grand Amore is a bright red color and has good form. It does get quite tall. Mine sometimes gets 12-15 ft tall. It might as well be a climber. It does want to grow straight up. It is quite sturdy as far as surviving around here. Flower size is usually smaller than some of the others, but it varies with temperature. It will get larger in cool weather, but it is rarely as big as a Veteran's Honor. I think it is a good variety, but watch out for the plant size.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

The blooms are smaller than some of the other red HT varieties, but the trade off is on vigour, bloom profusion, repeat and disease resistance. GA does all of those things exceptionally well, whereas few of the other reds do.

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