Rose of the Year UK - a hulthemia!

Campanula UK Z8August 14, 2014

Yep, at last, this terrific class of rose is going mainstream with Chris Warner's 'For Your Eyes Only (pfft!) voted ROTY 2015. Cos I am a dimwit and have not sorted out how to do links yet (arcane interweb stuff), so hopefully someone else might come to the rescue by posting a pic. Miserably,, I may have to enjoy this rose vicariously because it is not going to sit well in my woods (although I might have a punt on- 'Eyes for You' which has a wilder side, but my other hulthemias are just too.....wrong. As for 'YEO', I truly hope you will be getting it on your side (I think the ROTY will increase it's chances of being grown in the US - where I think it will probably do better, some places, than it does in the UK).

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seil zone 6b MI

How about a link to it's page on HMF?

I have Eyeconic Pink Lemonade and Bulls Eye and they are both lovely AND winter hardy!

Here is a link that might be useful: FYEO on HMF

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jerijen(Zone 10)


Mind, I am partial to single and semi-double roses, which tend to open well for me (where heavily double blooms may not). But I am also heartened by the way 'Eyes For You' (another hulthemia) is developing here.

I wish I could try this. It looks great.

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FYEO isn't that different from Raspberry Kiss which is already commercially available here. Nor is it all that different from the Sweet Spot line of Hulthemias being promoted here now in addition to the Eyeconics from CP, bred by Jim Sproul. They're becoming sufficiently common to begin looking quite similar, even to my eye and I've always LIKED them. Kim

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Campanula UK Z8

Yep, like you Kim, I have adored these since first clapping eyes on Euphrates back in the 80s.....and many are are looking very similar - I wonder how this will compare with Bright as a Button ( Raspberry Kiss).....but it is the health and vigour of some of these which interests me -although sadly Harkness hulthemias have not got the germ-line health of the Warner/James roses). I look forward to some interesting combos (such as Peter Ilsinks Euphoria with the paler centres) appearing in the next few years. They tend to have tough foliage and an innate resistance to BS - the curse of my garden roses.

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I'm saddened to hear the Harkness Hulthemias aren't as disease resistant as the Warner/James offerings, Camp, but I am mightly impressed with Mr. James' work! His Art Nouveau, Blue for You and Eyes for You are absolutely spot free here. NO mildew, NO rust, NO black spot or any other spotting diseases. And, they're helping make improved babies combined with my roses. Mr. Warner's
Centre Stage and Open Arms are also mightly, impressively healthy here, too. The man definitely has "the touch"!

I have found Raspberry Kiss rather distressing. It looked wonderful initially, until the "heat" hit. There is a great deal of die-back, which has always been an issue with Hulthemias from every producer, but its glorious, glossy, spotless foliage will not tolerate the extreme sun, intense heat and high aridity of my climate. I posted the distress to the RHA where it was discussed. That old foliage fell off, leaving bare wood, with new growth and flowers arriving above the bareness, but each wave of new foliage has experienced the same issue, with the same results.

I'd hoped to begin playing with Raspberry Kiss this year. Its pollen didn't cooperate but others did produce hips on it, which were summarily eaten by the blamed squirrel which sneaks over from next door (I've watched him) to lay waste to my rose efforts. Based upon how Raspberry Kiss has performed, I'm actually not all that upset there are no seeds from it to raise.

It seems that Certified Roses, who imported and is the sole distributor of the rose here, probably distributed it in early spring so they would all be sold before they could begin showing their displeasure. Lowe's, one of our big box stores, was the only local recipient of them and they sold through in very short order. Good thing, too. Had they sat on their tables until the heat, all of them would either have been dumped or sent back for credit. I can't imagine the rose wouldn't respond to similar conditions in Texas where Certified is located. It seems too conveniently engineered...

If the parentage is to be believed, the same roses, though reported in different order, were used to create Raspberry Kiss, Eyes for You and Bull's Eye. It's quite interesting seeing how altering their order can affect the results and how the same parents can produce such striking differences. I haven't obtained Bull's Eye due to its proclivity to mildew, my main "scourge" here, quickly followed by rust (hateful!). Eyes for You is impervious to any fungal attack so far. Hopefully it won't suddenly collapse from an infection as Baby Love has done across the country. And, poor old Raspberry Kiss. Spotless, gorgeous foliage...until it isn't. Photos are at the linked discussion. I hope it's better there! I guess I should also comment that I grow Dr. Sproul's Eyeconic Lemonade which has no foliage issue here at all, but my climate is close to, but not as severe as his. None of the several other Sproul Hulthemia seedlings he's shared with me have foliage issues here, either. I also still have the Euphrates I imported from Harkness way back when it was introduced in the mid eighties. It continues mildewing its heart out as it has always done. The Moore "Persian" series continue growing, dying back and scantly flowering as expected. At least nothing eats those thorny monsters! Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Well, this is disappointing..

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I have to tell you, Kim, that Baby Love rusted and mildewed here from Day One. Everyone else called it disease-free, but here, it wasn't even close.

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Rust and mildew are entirely different matters. Baby Love has extreme vertical resistance to some black spot strains. But once they mutate and figure out how to "pick the lock", it collapses and frequently dies. As long as it remains resistant, it's remarkable. That strong vertical resistance is what is hoped to be bred into further roses, combined with as great a horizontal resistance as possible.

Vertical resistance relies upon one gene for protection. Horizontal resistance depends upon multiple genes. Each type can provide protection against one, or numerous strains and both can be combined in a single seedling. Finding which are present in the parents; selecting the best parents to mate; then selecting the seedlings with the greatest combination of the resistance types are the issues. Hopefully, as money becomes available, invitro testing will become possible and affordable so these questions can be answered. Kim

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

This chance seedling was found at the Huntington, it's a seedling that they are thinking to release commercially.
It's called '09MKB-1'.

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