Will rose suckers flower?

botp2k1August 30, 2008

We have several roses that look like the main one is dead but have a sucker or suckers on them. Reading up recently, looks like the suckers ended up starving and killing the main plant. Do the suckers end up flowering or will they just have foliage? We are determining whether we need to dig those roses up and plant something else in their place.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Yes, suckers will bloom.

THAT SAID, what sort of bloom you get (and how much) will be dependent upon
what is suckering.

If your roses are budded on 'Dr. Huey' you will have a very very vigorous
once-blooming rambler. It produces masses of dark, wine-red semi-
double blooms in the spring. After that, it grows, and (in my climate) mildews and rusts.

If your roses came from the Canadian vendors, you will get R. multiflora, which
is a nice spring-blooming species rose.

There are other rootstocks, but those are the most likely to be in your garden.

The other possibility is that your rose is growing on its own roots, and in
that case, it will just be mature, vigorous growth of what you bought.


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lydia_s(Ont 5b)

If it's multiflora, get rid of it fast. It's a horrible thug, & difficult to get rid of, if established.

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If it's Dr. Huey, get rid of it fast. Its flower is not pretty and fades quickly to ugly brown. Also the flowering Dr. Huey means that the owner is ignorant of roses. If you know it is a rootstock, please replace it with so many other beautiful and repeating roses.

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Thanks everyone, we'll see what flowers, I don't know much about roses in general. I was also surprised to see even less discussion over the net regarding suckers, other than to rip them out (we're past the stage for that - there's nothing left growing).

Any idea when the sucker will flower? How many years it generally takes?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The suckers should flower in spring. My Dr. Huey flowers on old wood, that is, the previous year's growth. If you live in a very cold climate where the plant happens to freeze to the ground every year, it may never bloom.

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Hmm, we're in Chicago zone 5 so it does snow and freeze every year. I'm guessing the roses with only the suckers won't bloom then? I'd hate to throw them out since we paid good money for them and there's still life but if they won't bloom, there's no point in watering for the leaves. :(

If the general consensus is to start fresh, put in your votes and out these go.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Dr. Huey should be perfectly hardy where you are. It may be the only climber sold by your local garden center that is - even if they don't know they are selling it. The usual reason it doesn't bloom around here is that it has been pruned according to HT principles, and the flowering wood was deliberately removed.

Strictly speaking it's a rambler not a climber. What this means for a hardy roses is that along with being a once bloomer, it's quite flexible and easy to train. And for a hardy rambler, it's fairly small - canes seem to run about 10 ft. Disease resistance is OK here, and probably much better where you are.

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Can rose suckers (Simplicity) grow from the truck about 4 or 5
inches above the ground. This stem is extremely thick with extra large leaves with many roses. I assumed that suckers
came from underneath the soil and I've been cutting them off
as soon as I see them, however this stem certainly looks like
one thats growing above ground. Can someone please answer my
question? Thanks, D

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