Which roses do best in the heat?

sara_ann-z6bokAugust 18, 2014

My third flush has been kind of a mixed bag. When a bloom opens, I've had to catch it before the heat and sun get to it. I have had some pretty blooms, but they're not staying that way very long. From my observation, it does seem like Tiffany, Peace, Tropicana and a couple of others are holding up fairly well in the heat. When we have a period of decent summer weather, at some point we do pay for those unusually nice days with a heat wave, happens every time! For the most part I try to plant roses that are heat tolerant and I do know that every summer there will be a period when the roses don't look so great. The past few days the temps have been in the high 90's, probably hovering around 100 degrees at times.

Which varieties handle the heat and humidity the best? Any Class!

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My nacadoches and pink Don Juan are winners for me in the heat. The foliage has stayed healthy and both have bloomed non stop.

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Thanks boncrow for the suggestions. I've admired both of those roses.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Of the roses I have, these are best in the heat. Obviously, they look better when it isn't this hot, so by the end of the day you're going to have fading and whatnot. I find that if I pick them in the morning, they will stay in a vase longer than they will stay on the bush. My garden has full, blazing all day sun. About the only rose on this list that gets any shade is Cole's Settlement. I also added a note about where the roses came from since everyone's making their 2015 lists. :)

Very Good-

Grande Dame (local purchase)
Pope John Paul II (local purchase)
Veteran's Honor (local purchase)
Peace (local purchase)
Cole's Settlement (rose petals nursery)
Edith Schurr (rose petals nursery)
Poseiden (ebay, rio bay roses)
Fragrant Cloud (ebay, rio bay roses)
Tipsy Imperial Concubine (rose petals nursery)
Yves Piaget (palatine)
Xuchitl (rose petals nursery)
Xochimilco (rose petals nursery)
Raspberry Cream Twirl (ebay, rio bay roses)

Still Pretty-

Blessed Child (rogue valley)
Munstead Wood (grafted, angel gardens)
Dainty Bess (rogue valley)
Easy Does It (local purchase)
Halloween (rogue valley)
Tahitian Sunset (ebay, rio bay roses)
Prairie Star (heirloom)
Rouge Royale (ebay, rio bay roses)
The Prince (ownroot, heirloom)
Walking on Sunshine (j&p)
Lauren (long ago roses)

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Brittie - Thanks so much for listing some of the better ones. You have several on that list I was wanting to try anyway, this will help with my decision making. BTW, I love your Grande Dame!

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

I love it too! Blooms her head off, smells great and is very vigorous. I haven't had big disease problems with that one. She'll come down with a little bs waaaayyy after everything else is already ravaged, and I don't recall her dropping a lot of leaves like some do. Her blooms do nod a bit, but I like that.

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Hi Sara-Ann, the roses that I have that are blooming right now are:

(in no particular order)
Hot Cocoa
Pope John Paul II
Dream come true
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Monsieur Tillier
Frances Meilland

kind of a mixed bunch, but the best ones are probably Pope John Paul (which never stops blooming and HUGE blooms!), and the buck roses Quietness, polonaise and freckles.

I love to see all your roses and wished my hybrid teas did as well as yours, but my heat and humidity just are too much for some. in the upcoming ordering season, I am trying to get the ones that are more heat/humidity tolerant.

thanks so much for all the sharing of your roses that you do!

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I grow a few of the ones listed so far and have had good luck with them in the heat, too. Grande Dame, Pope John Paul II and Fragrant Cloud are all stellar here. The âÂÂEasy to Loveâ group of roses (Easy Going, Easy Does It, Livinâ Easy, Hot Cocoa, etc) all hold up well in the heat. A few others that come to mind are Voodoo, Love and Peace, Dolly Parton, Passionate Kisses, Bolero, Moondance and White Licorice.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

St. Patrick, Marilyn Monroe (friend has), PJPII, Randy Scott, Voluptuous, Europeana, Let Freedom Ring, Veteran's Honor, Sexy Rexy, Rose' (color fades), Grande Amore, Donna Martin, Mohana, Welcome Home, Black Magic (smaller flatter blooms), Tahitian Sunset, Whirlaway, Tineke, European Touch, Rainbow Niagra ( blooms fried 1st 2 yrs., 3rd yr. lasting much better & longer), Falling In Love (opens fast in heat, but open bloom lasts)

Scentimental fries in the heat...love the bloom in cooler temps;
Beverly (1&2 yr. old plants) fries in the heat
Snuffy nice bloom goes flat in heat
Hot Princess fades and fewer petals
Spellbound fades

Next week temps suppose to be in low 90's. I should be able to update this info. Rain is another factor that affects how well the plant tolerates the heat.

Thanks for starting this post!

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Thank you so much everyone, this is very helpful. There are some very good roses listed here. Pat, I think your Love and Peace is gorgeous, that's one I really want to try too. Bayourose -Thank you for your complimentary words. I need to do a lot with my roses to make them better, hopefully by next year I will be closer to having accomplished that. I do love to share and I love it when others share their roses too. Kentucky_rose, you are welcome.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Mine are a mix of older types and modern ones. The best in my hot and dry climate are:

Souvenir de la Malmaison
La France
Aunt Margy's Rose
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Mlle. de Sombreuil
Bishop's Castle
Sophy's Rose
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild
Le Vesuve
Young Lycidas
Potter and Moore
Belinda's Dream

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

You are going to get some improvement on heat resistance as the rose gets really established. How long have they been in the ground? And late afternoon shade is always a benefit.

That said, 'St. Patrick' which was developed by an amateur in inland Southern California (an oven in summer), and 'Belinda's Dream' seem to love heat here.

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Thanks so much Ingrid and hoovb. I think Mrs. B.R. Cant is beautiful and I am going to take my chances with a few tea roses. My SDLM just recently had a few blooms, but not during the terrible heat, I love that rose. St. Patrick a great rose, I had one several years ago. Most of my roses are in their first or second year, since I pretty much started over last year.

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I have noticed that my three year old Julia Child seems to handle the heat very well.

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buffington22(Z8 Louisiana)

Mrs. B.R Cant, Archduke Charles, Cramoisi Superior are old roses that bloom all summer. MBRC is the size of a VW, however! Easy Does It, Carefree Beauty, First Impression, all fairly new shrub roses are all excellent bloomers with impeccable foliage health. Look up 1st Impression. The blooms are as pretty in my garden as the pictures! Non stop in my garden since April!

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Buffington - Thank you. First Impression is a beautiful rose. Appreciate all your suggestions.

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