Opinions On Miracle Gro Potting Soil for Roses

alameda/zone 8August 17, 2013

I have a good soil mix of aged mushroom compost, bark fines and sand that has worked well. But I was wondering if mixing some of the MG Rose Potting Soil would be beneficial? Am always interested in improving on what I am doing but wanted opinions before I did anything as I want to be very careful with these last bands from Vintage. Thanks!

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jerijen(Zone 10)

My DH has used it that way, and likes it.


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Careful of the ferts. Small amt. should be fine.

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Any MG soil I've ever gotten is always hard as a rock, and doesn't drain well,if it were me I'd stick to what works. Save the money for more roses;-)!

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I use MG soil ONLY for all my a dozen or so potted roses. They seem to grow fine.

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This is good as a mixer. One caution is that you don't want bagged soils with foods added in to get wet and sit unused. They get toxic then.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

If you have a mix that works, why change? Except be careful about the lime content of mushroom compost; some is highly alkaline and can cause iron deficiency chlorosis.

MG potting mix is fine, but since it contains fertilizer, be careful not to over-fertilize. MG orchid soil is a lighter and more durable mixture (lots of bark fines and peat).

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

We use MG potting mix/or potting soil only for our tomato plants etc. with good results...

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Overpriced. You are paying for all that advertising.

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If there is a Costco conveniently near you and you belong, they have two cubic foot bags of the MG Moisture Control Potting Soil for $9.99, making it $5 a cubic foot. It's the best price around these parts. Home Depot and Lowe's sell the 64 quart (2.5 cuft) bags for $14.97, making that extra half cuft cost what a full cuft costs at Costco. Compared to the other brands I have looked at and was inclined to trust, the Costco price is right in line. Kim

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Amount tolerance kind of depends on the rose, also. Is it a band? A bare root? A potted rose?

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I have always used miracle gro and i think it works great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Landscaping

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I like Miracle Grow moisture control best..it seems to have a finer texture than regular Miracle Grow. I tried a different brand one year for my small plants..I think it was Stay Green, and it stayed too wet through the winter or didn't have enough air in the soil so I lost more plants to rot that year. Miracle Grow has the right balance of moisture and air.

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During the spring I was too cheap to buy it, rationalizing that I could make a similar mix from bulk stuff cheaper.

Now that it's hot as heck I'm snapping it up, mostly at pretty good prices, since it's a bit off-season. That hand-mixing bulk stuff is a pain.

The MG is so fluffy & well-draining. I'm re-potting the bands now in gallons in it. I have them in a 1/2 (good, bought) native soil & 1/2 pine fines (Hapigro landscape mix).

They almost all look very good. Dr. Grill, Mme Charles, Pink Rosette, Coronado, Atomic White are literally climbing out of the pots. The bands I put in the ground with that mix are even bigger. Sunsprite is a 3' multi-caned plant--a couple of canes are probably 3/8" thick. These are spring delivered bands that looked very nice on delivery.

Bands I potted up last fall in the native soil with some coarse mulch are okay, but not near as robust as the plants from spring in the fines/native mix.

The fruit trees we planted in a mostly MG potting mix this spring look fantastic & have never wilted.

Yeah, it seemed extravagant this spring to buy MG but when I look at how the valuable plants we did put in it last spring have thrived--I'm going to get it at the best price I can & stock up.

I just went out & priced peat--2.2cu.ft. bale was $20. I don't think I can duplicate the MG potting mix at the price it's already offered at--& consider the labor--in this heat! I have also tried several store brands but they seem to have less peat & more fines. For my caliche desert area with thin sandy soil, the amount of peat really fluffs the soil & holds the water when mulched without caking up into a dry clump.

I'm going to fluff up the store brands with a bit more peat to get them to a similar tilth. I've also been adding about a tablespoon of Osmocote per mixed gallon in my experimental native + fines mix.

Sorry for the ramble, bottom line: right now I'm leaning towards putting more stuff in MG potting mix when I consider price + labor.

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Coir (ground coconut fiber) is signifcantly better than peat and is renewable, where peat isn't. It holds much more water without becoming water logged, so it maintains better soil oxygen. I don't care for Scott's, but so far, the MG Moisture control remains the best around here. Kim

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