Is Antigua an upgrade from Medallion?

hilly_blueAugust 18, 2013

I only have so much room so always on the lookout for an replacement/improvement. Anyone out there with experience with these older big bloomed apricots? Medallion in my garden (3 yrs) is nice (even with a bit of blackspot) - but hasn't yet progressed to "a rose I wouldn't be without". Should I give it more time? I'm eyeing Antigua but it doesn't seem to be one that gets talked up much. Thanks for your opinions :)

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I have both, and neither one is all that great. ANTIGUA isn't really grown all that much anymore, I don't think. Like you say, I don't hear much about it. Mine hasn't produced many blooms in the 10+ yrs I've had it. But it is located in a bed that sorely needs amending. Other roses in there do better, so I would guess it probably needs a lot of TLC to do anything. If you want a good apricot, try MARILYN MONROE. She's a good producer, and pretty disease resistant for me. Very thorny tho. MAID OF HONOUR is another good apricot. Almost always in bloom and tons of them. Gets very tall, like 6-7ft if you let her.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

I would add to that that I like Over the Moon in that color class, in addition to Marilyn Monroe. Antigua is not a good rose here, either. And neither is Medallion. If you are insisting on an older rose, go with Brandy.

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I have BRANDY also, and it's beautiful... when it does bloom. Another slow repeater for me. You also must consider tho, that everyone's experience will be different for each rose. Climate, soil condition, and fertilizing, mulching & deadheading frequency, all make a difference too.

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Brandy is a great rose. In so. CA, Medallion needs a spot away for any roses that easily rust. Also I let mine get tall and support them with stakes. I don't do heavy pruning so they can build up heavy canes down low to help support themselves. Another one of my Medallions is tied onto a trellis against a wall. This is my best plant of Medallion. I have mulch and then flagstone over the roots to keep it cool. Banana peels go on under the mulch to improve color. Growth and rebloom is faster when the plant retains most of its wood. I found that that also applies to Papa M. and Chicago Peace. Once I got my Medallions planted away from rust magnets, they were much much happier.

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Based on the number of favorite votes these got on HMF, you may want to consider Apricot Nectar, Apricot Vigorosa, or Charming Apricot.

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bunnicula03(z6b NJ)

You may also want to consider Just Joey. It's one of my favorites, even though I have to spray it for BS here in NJ.

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Thanks for the personal reviews. It looks like Medallion will stay for now. In all fairness it's been slowly coming back from near oblivion due to cane borers. As Kitty said, retaining wood may be the secret. Her trellised plant must be quite a picture. However with no luck in your CA gardens both north and south, I very much doubt Antigua would fare very well up here folks. Too bad :(

As for your recommendations:

Maid of Honour - I tried years ago - very vigorous here too Beth, and of course the bloom is beautiful. If I recall I let her go because the apricot faded quickly. I lacked patience back then and maybe didn't give it enough time. Her parent Folklore is a beautiful monster in a neighbor's yard.

Beth, Kitty and kstrong have recommended Brandy who I've wondered about for some time. Glad to hear she's still got fans - I'll put her on my list.

Bunnicula - I'm trying Polka this year for the simple fact that it looks like Just Joey. While I'm very pleased with Polka there's been a JJ at the corner store with a huge fat bud just calling to me...

kstrong and Beth mentioned Marilyn Monroe - she gets points for health and long lasting blooms but I wonder if the green cast makes them appear "cold"? I've never seen her in person so will take your advice.

Charlesstpete you've hit on two I've tried before: Apricot Nectar and Charming Apricot (Charles Austin?). Apricot N. was another I may have judged prematurely. I yanked 3 out thinking they weren't double enough and faded too quickly in my garden. Like I said I didn't realize how much roses can improve with a few years under their belt. Charles Austin here was rangey and slow but the positive reviews have me rethinking both. I wonder could Charles supplant Breath of Life, who struggles for me.
(Apricot Vigorosa I'll read up on more, but the HMF photos show a smaller bloom than I'm looking for.)

Over the Moon - Oh My kstrong that's a nice one - and healthy too. It jumped right onto my list giving poor Lucille Ball a sharp elbow!

Thanks again all for your help. Your personal experiences are invaluable.

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