Devastating Hail

canadian_rose(zone 3a)August 10, 2014

My area of the city got dumped on by hail. Now, every summer we get about 2 doses of hail. But this hail was intense in the duration and strength. Every single annual flower is gone. My perennial garden has only a few flowers that survived.

I've lost many 4 foot rose canes loaded with buds/flowers. Leaves were pulverized or shredded.
I even had a LAMINATED (tough) rose label 4X4 inches nearly torn in half from 4 sides. The roses are basically denuded of leaves. There are only about 4 rose flowers left out of hundreds and hundreds. Hundreds and hundreds of buds have been destroyed.

I know roses are tough, and that I'll have a glorious fall flush since they were all pruned (by me trying to make sense out of the mess) at the same time. But it's sad now. And I know (I really do) that in the grand scheme of things it's really not that big of a deal. But in my small world it is.

It's like a wasteland in my backyard. :(

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Carol - My heart goes out to you. In the grand scheme things it may not be a big deal, but because those roses are a part of who you are and you express yourself so well through your love of roses, it's a big deal to you. I know it will get better, but I am grieving with you right now. You waited a long time for your roses this year and I have been excited for you. You are a dear lady and I appreciate the encouragement you've given me.

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Oh my... I can't even imagine. So sorry....

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Carol that's just awful! It's so heart breaking when something like this happens and we have no control over it. I'm sure your fall flush will be gorgeous and can't wait to see your glorious blooms and bushes!!

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I'm so sorry. How very disappointing.

We once had an awful storm in early spring. We found it was very important to keep the plants well watered afterwards, as they had so many wounds & their leaves had been stripped.

I hope yours still have some time to heal up & that you can enjoy another flush.

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I'm so sorry, Carol! Hail is nasty. It occurs very rarely here, but I've lost newly budded roses to hail. I can commiserate! Kim

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, Carol, what a terrible shame. I know it's a loss but I'm just glad that you are OK.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Thanks everyone!!
And to make matters worse - this spring was terrible - cold, rainy - took forever to get roses. Seems like this summer had a very short rose period in what are usually short summers anyway.

Bluegirl - thanks for the advice on the watering. I've done that. I've thought of fertilizing with fish fertilizer and worm castings - but I wonder if that would be too much. Should I just water...?

It seems like I have had a very short growing season. It was very violent here - the neighbor's plastic table was smashed into about 30 pieces.

I appreciate every one of your kind thoughts.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Carol, this late in the year I wouldn't chance pushing any fertilizer, even the "naturals." Water should be all they need. You don't want them to send out a lot of new canes - just renew their leaves and set more flowers as they normally would. I never fertilized after the end of July all the years that I lived in zone 4 and still don't now that I've moved up to zone 5. I'd be afraid of any new canes getting killed by the coming cold and that setting the rose back even more.
Gosh, it's a terrible shame to hear of all that damage. All a gardener can do is hope for better next year, right? Here's hoping for you!

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seil zone 6b MI

I don't know, Anne, they've been battered and had to be pruned some so I think they're going to push new growth anyway now. I don't think some organics would make a difference on that score. But giving them some extra food might let them store some energy in those canes for going into the winter. I always found that even it I stopped fertilizing early they kept growing as long as the weather permitted. And either way they always had some cane loss over winter, whether it was new or old growth. You always lose some. I like to think that I'm feeding them to make them strong and healthy to get through winter.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Anne - I've always fertilized right to the end of the season since they go in the garage and no canes are harmed in the making of this movie. :) Thanks for the commiserating - it's nice to hear.

Seil - Getting them through the winter isn't a big deal as they'll be in an insuated garage under sleeping bags or layers of blankets. But think you'rerigt - they could use the oomph for growing.

Thanks for helping me think this through you guys.
I guess I should go outside and look at the roses - sigh.

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view1ny NY 6-7

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I hope you'll have some good news shortly. Keep us posted.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Carol, yesterday we had 5.36 inches of rain. The fourth wettest day recorded here. Only noticed one broken cane and blooms so watered logged that you could see through the petals. But what you experienced was devastating and sounds like it will have a big impact on your fall flush. I can't imagine how you feel. Hopefully, you will have beautiful, huge, vibrant blooms on shorter stems this fall. It's amazing how God can take a negative and turn it into a positive. Wishing you the best...Hattie

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Carol, I don't know about fertilizing--maybe on a plant-by-plant basis, with very mild doses?

But definitely keep watering, they will be leaking sap & doing lots of weeping through their wounds. Treat them like baby plants.

The storm we had was exceptional, also. It made nat'l news. Happened in March, IIRC, just as things had leafed out, & we had a hard, dry summer following. Folks lost even well established trees--not directly from the hailstorm, but from the dehydration & disease infecting the gaping wounds it caused. 20 yrs later, you could see the scars on the upper surfaces of tree branches *groan*.

So--continue supportive treatment--and best wishes.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I know your growing season is quite short Carol so I'm so sorry to hear this news.
My heart goes out to you also!

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So sorry to read your news and wishing you the best of luck with rose recovery! Hoping you will have a breathtakingly beautiful fall flush to reward you for your patience and hard work.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. They mean a lot to me. :)

I do have some roses that are blooming well - Paradise and Valencia (although Valencia lost a huge 4 foot cane loaded with flowers. The rest of the roses on Valencia managed to do quite well. It still feels horrible to see the ragged, shredded leaves on the all of the bushes. Some of my bare roots have no leaves left. Hope they recover.

Kentucky rose - that's a LOT of rain!! I hate when the rose petals get all waterlogged. That can be frustrating. Thanks for your kind thoughts. :)

Bluegirl - that sounds terrible!! I never thought of the after damage in the years to come. Don't think it will bother my roses - but maybe the trees. We're having hot weather here too (at least for us. LOL)

Jim - It is disheartening - but I guess we rosers have a lot to put up with for our passion - at least we don't get disease or insect problems. So count myself lucky on that score! For example - I only have 1 rose that has BS (Enchanted Evening). That's it! :)

Thanks Pat! - and at least only one of my hips was torn off. I only had the chance (very late blooming season because of heavy rain) to hybridize 5 roses (they bloomed first). So there's still a chance they can mature (not too likely though because of the late start - mid July).

Thanks everyone!

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We had hailstorm also. My roses didn't get damaged too bad but large leaves plants like hostas, grasses were torn, and had holes from the hail. Very weird summer, sometimes heavy rain, followed by long dry spells, fall type weather starting to settle in! Short summer!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Yeah, hail can be nasty. Like I said, all of the leaves are shredded. What a mess.
Don't say the "F" word!!! Not fall!!!!! Oh poor you!! Your summer sounds very challenging this year.

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