what happened to my roses?!!

drich30099August 14, 2014

Last week or so I noticed the leaves on about 3 of my roses turning brown on the edges, severely. And some yellow, a lot of leaf drop. I've been spraying regularly this summer due to severe bug season this year!! Could it be lack of adequate watering, I've never seen them like this before! what could it be? The white is Dimotaceous earth.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

If that was in my garden, I'd say it was the result of too much heat, not enough water, and possibly pesticide overload.

In a summer of far too much heat, I have also noticed that the life processes of the plants has speeded up. Very much "fast-forward."

Buds have developed to blooms, opened, and then shattered, all in half the time this process normally involves. Leaves are aging rapidly, and yellowing and dropping before their time. Hot, Hot, Hot.

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It's been an unusually cool summer here. Rainfall has been very strange this summer, a lot of rain at one time followed by days and days of no rain. I think my irrigation system is not giving them enough water. Maybe I'll have to monitor more closely.

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seil zone 6b MI

In zone 5 Michigan I don't think this is from the heat. Believe me, we haven't had much heat here this summer. How often is "regularly"? It looks like there is a lot of residue on the leaves. If you're spraying when the temps are over 80 degrees this is probably due to spray burn. I would take the hose and spray them with just plain water to wash those leaves off. And water, water, water them. Although, if you live anywhere in SE Michigan the 4 to 6 inches of rain we had Monday probably did a good job of that on it's own.

Back off on the insecticide. In the long run you're not doing yourself a favor. You're probably killing all the good predator bugs and you'll eventually have a worse infestation of the bad bugs. All of these pests have their season and eventually disappear on their own or the good bugs come in and take care of them. It eventually evens out.

It's late in the season here. The daylight is getting shorter and the nights are cooler. Some roses will start shedding older leaves on their own. Interior leaves or old ones that are no longer supplying food to the plant will turn yellow and drop. That's normal. If they are spotty you may have a bit of black spot, also normal this time of year. But I'd hold off on a fungicide because that can also cause leaf burn. Just remove any yellowing leaves and let them rest and recuperate. They should recover and we usually get a lovely flush in the fall. And the cooler temps often give the roses spectacular colors!

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We did not get all that heavy rain, thank goodness! We did get an inch or two I believe. I think my roses were not getting enough water, as soon as I spotted the brown leaves I watered them really well. Now I know they'll be fine, they're looking better already. Thanks

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Once you have corrected the underwatering and overspraying, then just remove the ugliest of the leaves--and they will look like brand new roses again. : )


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