Long stem roses with good vase lifew

judyokAugust 29, 2011

I've seen some old post about our favorite hybrid tea roses with a long vase life and are born, often, singley on long stems. I'm trying to put together a list for my order this fall and I would like to hear your suggestions for your favorites (see if there is some new current favs). The top on my list that I have in my garden is Veteran's Honor. Long stems, long vase life, beautiful bud, frequent repeat flushes throughout the season and it's fragrant. Do you have favorites that compete with that and it doesn't necessarily need to be fragrant, but that would be a bonus. I'll tally this up and make a list for you.

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Maryl zone 7a

Olympiad immediately springs to mind. I had cut blooms last so long one time that I almost got tired of seeing them around. Some people say it has no fragrance, but others say it does. I'm definitely in the does catagory. The scent is a delightful tea fragrance, as is befitting a Hybrid Tea. Another good fragrant HT for the vase is Falling in Love. Watch the thorns though. I'm sure you will get tons more of suggestions....Maryl

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

St. Patrick so far is the sturdiest of my 50. It stays forever on the stem in the garden, and lasts at least a week indoors. Not much fragrance, but that's what you get for a rose bloom made out of iron. Bride's Dream lasts a little longer than most of my others, and it has a nice fragrance. Veteran's Honor did hold up better than average for me also.

Most of my others last only a couple of days. Minis, on the other hand, seem to last forever as well. Not much scent on them, either, with a couple of exceptions: Jean Kennealley and Scentsational. Of those 2, Scentsational lasts far longer both on the bush and in the vase for me. The only problem with minis is a shorter stem length.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Hot Princess. It is used as a florist rose and is an excellent plant, robust, with large, well-formed blooms. Hopefully, Wisconsin Roses will have it for next season.

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Maryl, thank you for your suggestions is the photo of Falling in Love (I believe Olympiad is red)

Flaurabunda, St. Patrick is already one of my must haves already even if it doesn't have fragrance. I saw this one at the Tulsa rose garden and it held up well on the bush even in our heat. You know a couple of minis in the front row of the garden would tucked in here a there would be a good fit and the can also be tucked in here and there in a vase arrangement.

Diane, I will look up a photo of Hot Princess and thanks for also helping me with where to buy.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

Yep---it's most beautiful during the most intense heat. It's a lovely, medium yellow when temps are in the 80's, but during our heat wave all the blooms turned that phenomenal chartreuse-greenish tint. Just fabulous! I posted some pics of it over on HMF showing the difference in bloom color from June to July:


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Judyok, you might also check out Roseshow.com for the list of top exhibition roses.

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seil zone 6b MI

My best florist type rose is Veterans' Honor. Almost always single blooms on very long stems that last a very long time.

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Diane, thanks for the tip about Roseshow.com. I will be going there directly.

Seil, I just love Veterans Honor. I would love to have those qualities in every color of the rainbow.

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Take a GOOD look at Louise Estes. It is the backbone of my HT's. Everything I want from a HT. Even though Vet. Honor is a great rose, I have a problem with weak necks and big beautiful blooms looking at the ground. Another rose I really enjoy bringing in is Sunstruck. You give this rose afternoon shade and it will dance for you. Elina is another good cut rose.

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Ken I got a look at Louise Estes on the rose gallery all I can say is it looks like pure perfection! Just beautiful. I think the photo was from poster "purpleroses" I'll hunt up were it can be bought.

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Veterans' Honor is one of the best for cutting. Also check out the Freelander series of rose from Kordes (Palatine & Pickering sell a lot of Kordes roses), many of them are listed with 10-14 day vase life.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Great thread judyok! The best ones for cutting in my garden are 'Mister Lincoln' and 'Bewitched'. I don't know how many days they exactly last in the vase, but they do last a decent time. My impression is that Bewitched lasts even longer than Mr. Lincoln. Both roses have an extremely strong and pleasant fragrance, which is very important to me.


Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Garden Dreams

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If you live in a "cold" district, Wisconsin Roses carries it on good multiflora rootstock. If you have mild winters, K&M Nursery carries it on fortuniana rootstock. By the way, another good cut HT is Mavrik. It looks almost like Louise Estes but is just a little different. Lasts for days in a vase . Moonstone and Pop Warner are nothing to turn your back on. Great cut roses. Go to the web site, Roseshow.com. Look under Photo's and look at the HT's. At least half of those 25 HT's make great cut flowers.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Black Magic, Randy Scott, Over the Moon, Paradise, Sweetness, Louise Estes, Moonstone, Ginger Hill, Veteran's Honor, Hot Princess, and Rose' are some of favorite cutroses. This year my Voluptuous has been really pretty. I love Spellbound (Mesmerized), but it's not a producer. Gold Medal is another favorite, but cut it more in the bud stage.

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two of my favorites are Queen Elizebeth and Belindas Dream. The also smell good too.

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