Singles are my new favorites.....(pics included)

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 24, 2008

Well, its official. I have advanced to the next phase of rose addiction with a new appreciation and ardor for single roses. I grow over 300 varieties of roses both old and modern but have been slow in discovering the subtle beauty of single-petalled roses. I admit that when I first started growing roses the roses that stole my heart

immediately were the big, overstuffed Old roses and Austins. For years I only grew petal-packed roses until I fell in love with the old roses "Celestial", "Rosa Mundi" and "Belle Amour" which are semi-double and strikingly beautiful. I then discovered species roses and realized that the simple form of single roses is just as intoxicating and beguiling as their more flashy, full-figured kin. I think that rosa glauca is simply stunning.

Here is a sampling of some of the singles that I grow and have fallen head-over-heels in love with. There are many more, but these are some that are blooming now and have managed to escape the Japanese Beetles. I also grow "Nevada" but the beetles have made it look like Swiss And I adore "Robbie Burns" which is new this year, "Glory of Edzell" and many other spinosissimas

that bloomed already.

I would love to hear from others who love the singles!













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They are so beautiful! Thank you very much for your photos.

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jim_w_ny(Zone 5a)

I cetainly agree. Do you have Rokoko? It is not single but a semidouble that has the attributes of a single. It is so beautiful I can only stand there and stare at it.

Another one I've never seen but have read about is Summer Wine.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Celeste, My story is similar to yours. Started out growing the full petaled beauties. I think the singles are pretty now too and always thought they make up for the lack of petal numbers with other attributes. Kind of in a single phase now, I'm looking at some. Yours are beautiful, Golden Wings is amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.


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We planted Golden Wings this year too and absolutely love it. It holds up to wind and rain amazingly well and always has flowers. We also planted Ballerina this year and it is amazing. These roses add variety to the rose garden as well as being beautiful in themselves. We may try Marjorie Fair next year though I don't hear much about it.


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Here is a photo of Marjorie Fair with phlox. Isn't it amazing how much alike the blooms are?
Celeste thanks for your singles. They are beautiful.

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Whoo wee those are pretty. I have Morning Mist on one of my list for fall ordering. I have Crazy Dottie and its the cutest little thing. If you like orange you would love Tangerine Jewel. Its so pretty. I also have Daydreamer, I think thats the name, and it has tons of pink and purple flowers the size of a quarter. Your pictures are so pretty. Judy

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

I went through the same process. First heavy petaled high centered hybrid teas, then miniatures, and finally singles. Now I just buy roses.
I've never seen a rose I don't like!
There's something about a single, dainty, fragile? I don't know but find them attractive.
Dainty Bess

Golden Wings



There are many others that have more petals and are classed as semi double but look more like a single.

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Just beautiful...I have Playgirl, but after seeing these pictures I am going to add more singles to my garden. Thank you...Lesley

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This is as close as we come to a single - Harm Saville. He's not quite this ruby colored in person; a bit darker, but very velvety. One of my favorites! Also, if anyone has any idea why he's named that, please fill me in!

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I love singles too, which is why I love wild roses so much.
Some of my favorites singles, and nearly singles,(with 6-8 petals) are:
Rosa arvensis, Shakespeares Musk. Heartbreakingly beautiful
Meg Merrilies" a Hybrid Rubinigosa (Eglantine hybrid) that has leaves that are nearly as fragrant as the species.
Rosa primula: in spring the combination of its' dainty yellow blossoms blooming against red-hued foliage is striking. Also called the incense rose, foliage is powerfully fragrant of incense, if I sat next to one and wasn't aware of that fact, I'd be looking to see if I was sitting near a Buddhist temple.
"Altaica" I'd love to see a stand of these blooming in the wild. This rose has a lovely fragrance,similar to lily-of-the-valley.
"Francis E. Lester" Perfection of poise, even more so than "Kathleen" which I also love, and "Kathleen is remontant.
I also love:
"Simplex" a miniature bred by Ralph Moore. Rapid re-bloom for a modern rose. R. wichurana parent. Very dark green, and pretty foliage.
"Cecil" unusual for it being a single yellow Hybrid Tea.
"Nearly Wild" nearly single, healthy, quite tolerant to shade.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

Harmon Saville; (from the Yankee district website)
Harmon "Harm" Saville started out like most of us, growing roses as a backyard hobby. It was the Christmas gift of some Ralph Moore minis by his son Mike that steered him toward miniature roses. He had already been growing roses under lights in the cellar and found minis more suited to that treatment. In 1971 he decided to "start a little business, to have something to putter around in, in my old age," and he became the "Nor'East" distributor for Ralph Moore's roses. While he began by marketing other breeders miniature roses, he soon began breeding his own.
In his 25 years in the business, he bred over 100 roses, including 17 Award of Excellence (AOE) miniature roses. His first AOE winner, ÂParty Girl in 1981, is a fabulous breeder, producing many dozens of quality introductions. He had the singular honor of having his 1993 introduction, ÂChildÂs PlayÂ, win both the AOE and the AARS designation, the first rose to do so. In 1983 he gave us the unique bicolor ÂRainbows EndÂ, considered by long-time exhibitor and rosarian Luis Desamaro to be "the most beautiful miniature rose ever created." This healthy, free-flowering rose was one of HarmÂs favorites. His son John, who took over NorÂEast operations as Harm retired, shares that feeling, saying that " ÂRainbows End is a classic in every way but fragrance."
In the early 90s, Harm began producing miniatures with a strong fragrance, and made that a focus in his breeding program. NorÂEast liked to call itself "the little company with big fragrance." First was ÂScentsationalÂ, then ÂSeattle ScentsationÂ. ÂOvernight Scentsation was actually brought into space in the shuttle for a fragrance experiment, an interesting marriage of technology and beauty. Harm did not live to see this happen, but doubtless would have been pleased. He made NorÂEast one of the first two rose nurseries to use the technology of the World Wide Web and the very first to actually sell online.
Harmon Saville was a tireless promoter of miniature roses, and is largely responsible for their popularity today. He had a number of articles published in the American Rose Annual that served this purpose. Included were detailed instructions on growing miniatures indoors, exhibiting minis and container growing.
Reprinted from the 2006 American Rose Annual

John Saville took over the business after Harm finally retired for good. Nor'East was sold to Braveheart and moved to California a few years ago.

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Karl - Thank you! That was a great biography to read, and I love having little mysteries solved!


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Thanks for all your comments, and I am enjoying hearing from others who appreciate the single roses.

Jim, I almost ordered Rokoko this year from Hortico but I went WAY over my financial and space limit (again) and had
to cut some roses from my list. I am glad to hear that you think it is special because I will definitely be getting it next spring.

Judy, I do have Tangerine Jewel and love it. I think the color is delightful!

Karl, I definitely need to get Dainty Bess....I have seen it in person in botanical gardens and it is stunning. And Sparrieshoop is already on my wish list for spring. So many gorgeous temptations, so little space left!

I was looking around in my files and found some more pictures of some singles that I like....











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carla17(Z7 NC)

Celeste, they are just too beautiful. I'm so glad you posted Basye's Purple as it is on my short list! Morden Sunrise is so pretty, too many choices. You've become an enabler.


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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

The only drawback with singles is they are so fragile. One day, then a gentle breeze and many of the blooms fall apart.

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I have Lyda Rose---It is lovely and keeps the blooms for quite a while--

Carefree Delight is one of my favorites--

Carefree Sunshine is also great.

There is a certain beauty about singles----


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drasaid(zone 8)

I have Little White Lies, Mermaid, and Simon Robinson. I used to have (sigh) Tiny Tears, Hi, Playgold, Baby Ballerina and some other stuff not single (like a fabulous Pink Poodle) but a storm and an evacuation a few years ago took care of those.
Little White Lies is so prolific anyone who wants can have cuttings for the stamps, but Simon Robinson is only now starting to grow decently, so rare as it is I have to keep it whole. I am particularly fond of singles with dark stems: right now I am jonesing for Crazy Dottie, Summerwine, and Basye's Purple. A kind person let me have some pieces of Basye's, but it would not root for me. Drat.
Various relations complain about Little White Lies ruining their epidermis as they climb the front stairs -- be warned. It also has a resemblence to the wild Macartney rose that is rampant here, so some people don't think anything of it, but it blooms considerably more than they do.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Celeste, your singles are beautiful. I also am fond of them.


My Basye's Blueberry

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homenovice(z10 / Sunset 23)

Hi Celeste!

I got Simplex by mistake (I think I'd ordered Baby Austin), but I'm loving this little miniature! Blooms are just a little bigger than a quarter.


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petsitterbarb(Zone 6, N.E. OK)

A few days ago, I fell in love w/ a rose bush that I saw in someone's yard. I stopped and asked what it was, but they didn't know. It looked just like Ballerina except that the petals were a deeper pink, and most of the blooms had white towards the middle...and all had yellow stamens. The bush was about 5' tall and wide, with arching canes that were absolutely loaded with the beautiful single blooms. I got online and decided it was a Mozart, but now that I'm looking at these responses, the blooms like VERY much like Star Delight, Nearly Wild, and Basye's Purple (know this one is thornless though). The bush I saw was also nicely fragrant. Can anyone verify it's identity? I've already ordered a Mozart, and hope I didn't make a mistake.

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Lovely roses! I have Will o'wisp (can never remember exactly how that goes!) and I love the little unusual colored blooms but have been waiting for a long time for the plant to get a bit bigger. This is the first year it has grown to any extent (I think I got it last year from Heirloom or maybe the year before)

I agree with Florence above, Lyda Rose is quite beautiful!
Lyda Rose

(I have heard some old timers around here refer to single roses as "empty" roses.....took me a while to realize what they were talking about.)


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petsitterbarb(Zone 6, N.E. OK)

I now have a few Simplex and Grace Seward, Lyda Rose, and am going to add Simon Robinson ASAP. I totally agree with the progression...fat, full old garden roses...miniatures, singles. At least that's the way it's been for me, too.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have a few newer ones, I don't have pictures yet because they were just planted. Greenmantle, Lord Penzance, Pierre Gagnier and Ava. Like everyone else I progressed from HTs to Austins, to OGRs and now singles. I love the simplicity of the blooms.

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petsitterbarb(Zone 6, N.E. OK)

I've recently ordered another Sally Holmes, a Betty Prior and Basye's Blueberry. One of my Simon Robinsons is here, with another yet to come. I'm delighted with how Lyda Rose is taking off, with Grace Seward doing well, too. Simplex is still healthy looking, but hasn't grown a bit! Nearly Wild is another I'm very interested in. How wicked are her thorns, and just how much shade can she take? Thanks for any responses...

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

My favorite single...

Good n Plenty

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Single roses are beutiful.
One flower alone is a poor miserable thing, but the mass effect is great, really hard to beat! And they often are in full bloom, like a ball of color!

My absolutely preferred simple rose is chinensis mutabilis, whose name literally means "changing" as flowers change in color as they age. Effect is like a mass of butterflies. Photo does not do it justice, but the rose is great, believe me:

Also Douceur Normande by Meilland

and the Hybrid Musk ballerina is a very nice rose too,

but I want to post the picture of cocorico, not really single-petaled by nearly...

Alaska by meilland is a single and small rose, pink and white:

Here rugosa scabrosa:

and this is rugosa dagmar

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I was hoping someone would post photos of a wild rose species, which are the original single-row-of-petals-roses.
I also am lucky enough to grow "Simplex" ( a species hybrid bred from R. wichurana)after seeing a freind run away with the last one available for sale at the Old Rose Celebration, and sighing over it, another freind gave me one for my birthday, the best of presents!
-have you seen R. sericea?


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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

scardan, your 'cocorico' is amazing! But I wish to heaven that I was in a warm enough zone to grow "Mutablis." What a really, really cool rose! I have Morden Sunrise on my wish list, too. The only single I grow right now is Darlow's Enigma, which I hope will grow on me as it grows.

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We love singles. Dainty Bess, Robusta, Watercolors, Golden Wings, Baby Love, Good n Plenty, and Carefree Delight are the few we have that I can name off the top of my head.

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