Using Grass B Gone around roses

redsox_gwSeptember 11, 2008

We have a small bed with Peace and Chicago Peace. Also in this bed is a butterfly bush, liriope, peonies, coreopsis, veronica, daylilies etc. Some of these were inherited with the house but in any case, in this bed we get tall grass late in the season. I take this to be bermuda grass?

I would like to use Grass B Gone to get rid of the grass but is it safe to use around the roses? I was thinking of covering the roses with grocery store plastic bags while spraying.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Grass B Gone (Fluazifop-p-butyl, aka "floozie-flop") should be OK (Weed B Gone is not OK), but I would make sure not to get it on the roses. If you could paint it on instead of spraying, that would be best.

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Would it be a problem for the liriope or is that actually a grass

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carolfm(z7upstate SC)

Debbie, I have used grass b gone numerous times around my roses without covering them and it did not harm them.
I just take a piece of cardboard and place it between the rose and the grass I am spraying just to be safe. I'm sure there may be some overspray doing it this way but I haven't seen any damage at all.

Joe, lirope is not a grass, it is a member of the lily family.


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Great, I'll use the cardboard or a bag to be careful. We have sprayed it around the liriope before with no problems.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I've used it around my roses and haven't noticed any harm to my roses. I do try to avoid as much as possible to not directly spray the rose bushes.

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I've sprayed it directly on the roses and never seen the slightest bit of damage - after all, we pay extra for this stuff so that we don't have to do the whole cardboard / baggie thing, right? I only paint on when using glycophosphate (Roundup).

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I've sprayed Grass B Gone directly on my roses and haven't seen any ill effects. I pretty much only use it for grass growing right in the rose where I can't use Roundup because the Grass B Gone doesn't work terribly well for me. I usually have to spray the grass twice before it starts to die.

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Grass B gone takes a while-the grass has to be actively growing for it to work but it will not hurt the roses. If the grass is producing seed heads that is too late. I have Quack grass that gets into the root systems around my gallicas and I will use GBG when I have can take several weeks before I see good results but patience is the name of the game...


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The chemical in Grass B Gon is labeled as safe for 'over the top' application on roses, and most other broadleafs. 'Over the top' means that you can spray it right over the entire bed without harm to your roses. I don't go quite that far . . . I spray around the roses, but I don't worry if it gets on them. It's a selective herbicide that only kills plants in the grass family -- like the chemical in weed and feed only kills broadleaf weeds and leaves your lawn unharmed.

I keep a bottle of GBG handy to get the Bermuda that creeps into my front borders under the brick edge. (I buy it in the concentrate form now, sold as Ornamec.) As soon as the grass shows up, I shoot it with GBG. It works very well.


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