Z5 Climbing Mini - Rainbows End or...Suggestions?

ratdogheads(5b NH)September 8, 2012

I'm considering a climbing mini; here are my "must haves".

Abundant & repeat bloom.

Height and cane hardiness - to grow over the top of medium arbor.

Moderate shade tolerance. It will get a bit of late afternoon shade, but also the arbor itself blocks some morning sun, at least at the base.

I'm in wet, humid climate; so BS is a problem, but I do spray regularly.

Soil is rich composted loam; sorry I don't know my ph.

Jeanne La joie is growing on the other side of the arbor, and it will sit next to a wall with a climbing Graham Thomas.

I'd like a color that will stand out against its yellow and pink neighbors. Rainbows End comes to mind but maybe something in a coral pink?

I like the idea of a mini because it will go well with the Jeanne Lajoie, but if I can't find a mini that fits all of those criteria, I'll scrap the mini idea and look for better suited climbers.



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No idea about hardiness, but my Cl Rainbow's End gets shade at various times of day, because of where it is growing. I love it, and the way the colors change from bright yellow to orange to red & white. Here is a pic of mine (most of the blossoms in this pic are in the red/white stage, but usually it looks more yellow).


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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

My Rainbow's End isn't a climbing mini, but it certainly blooms bright yellow at first. It takes each bloom a couple of days to turn bright pink and eventually fade out. I like it, but it doesn't seem as robust as 80% of my other minis & minifloras, and it has really short stems--like no stems at all. It also likes to completely defoliate about twice each summer even though I spray a bit.

Are reds out of the question? I have a Daddy Frank that's nearly the size of a hybrid tea after 2 years and it's always in bloom, gorgeous, and far too tall for where I planted it.

Jean Kennealley has done excellent for me here, and the nonclimbing version is quite vigorous and tall. A bonus with Jean is a lovely scent. It's not coral pink, but a light peach that might look muddied among yellows and pinks; that would be the main concern there, I think.

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seil zone 6b MI

I have the regular RE too and it blooms it's head off! It's also quite rangy and likes to throw out long sideways canes. But they seem pretty supple so the climbing version will probably be easy to train. Mine does get BS somewhat but it still has leaves on it and continues to bloom away. I can't say if it's hardy yet because I just got it this spring. I think to go between two yellow and pink roses it would look very nice because it will pick up both colors!

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

I take back everything I said....lol. That photo of climbing Rainbow's End is spectacular!

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What I particularly like about my Cl Rainbow's End is that it blooms all the way down to the ground (there a few Peru lily blooms in the picture at the bottom - but most of the low down blooms are Cl RE) - and my bush is over 10 years old. The front of it does get "pruned" by deer frequently - maybe that is why, but it has always done this.

I just found another picture of it, showing more yellow -


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ratdogheads(5b NH)

What an amazing show, the variety of color really appeals to me. I've seen a picture taken in Rowley, MA of Rainbow's End growing up a mailbox post. Our winters are about the same so I know it will grow happily here, but wondering how tall it will get. Can it reach the top of a 7 foot arbor? And if so will the exposed canes survive the winter or will I need to regrow the top every year?

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