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bug_girl(17)September 12, 2012

I spray my roses with a cocktail, but the problem is it hard to find a good sprayer. They work at first and even though I back flush them, they stop working. A week ago, I sprayed, but the level in the bottle did not go down. I don't know if it is completely clogged. So, I set it aside. Should I buy a new sprayer and re spray with the cocktail that is already mixed. Should I discard the cocktail and make new cocktail? If I discard where do I discard it? The bottles had you can use it again even after mixed with water, but that does not refer the cocktail. It is for fungal and insects like aphids and leaf miners such as rose slugs. Rose slugs and green worms that eat each leaf up.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Sounds like you may be using a hose-end sprayer. These are not good for applying pesticides because they mix so inaccurately. Pump-up tank sprayers are inexpensive and reliable.

To dispose of pesticides that are out of the container, the best of bad options is to mix with gallons of water and spread it widely around. Most pesticides will break down after exposure to light, air, and bacteria. Also, dilution reduces toxicity. Pesticides in their container may be wrapped and sent to the dump.

It's not a good idea to spray insecticides routinely--regulars here, along with most experienced rose growers, don't do that.

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