What/Who is "My Bouquet Roses"

harmonypSeptember 21, 2012

I've started seeing some roses with tags of "My Bouquet Roses". Who is this? What's the story? Is this a "real" grower? Mass producer? Worth growing?

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Greenheart Farms, Inc. http://www.greenheartfarms.com/ The folks who purchased Nor'East and many other miniature rose nursery remnants and who attempted to offer them retail via mail and discovered they couldn't handle that type of business. When you find minis in gallons in big box stores, they're often the Saville, Chaffin, Bennett and Moore minis grown by Greenheart.

"My Bouquet Roses" is another marketing program under which to introduce existing roses. Greenheart "brands" can be found here.


Click on the "learn more" under "My Bouquet" to find the varieties offered under that program. The only one I've grown is Jim Sproul's First Impression. A yellow I am VERY impressed with all around.

Fortunately, all this information is readily available on a simple Internet search. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: My Bouquet Roses.com

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seil zone 6b MI

I got both Patron and Powerhouse this spring and have been very impressed with how well they've grown and bloomed. Patron is fire engine red and Powerhouse is a bright intense orange. Both have good form and last very well on the bush but I've never cut any so I don't know about vase life. Both do black spot some for me. Can't say how they'll winter yet.

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Thanks Seil - thats the kind of input I as looking for, that one doesn't get from a commercial website, which I did go to prior to posting this.

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I finally broke down and bought "Flawless" in a 2 gallon pot. It has about 10 of the most perfect (flawless!) pink blooms, I couldn't resist. We'll see how she does...

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seil zone 6b MI

Congrats! Keep us posted on her progress.

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And thank you Seil. I think I just wanted to hear they weren't some evil empire, and that someone actually tried to grow one of these roses. Hearing from you that you didn't just buy them and they fell over the next day gave me that little extra push I needed. And, the gorgeous blooms finally blew me away. I did cut two and bring them in yesterday morning and they kept beautifully in water overnight.

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