Does Golden Celebration need support?

KarenPA_6bSeptember 10, 2013

Hi everyone. I bought own root GC, Jude the Obscure, and Sharifa Asma roses over the summer. This is my first experience growing English roses and I can sure use some help. Do I need to provide support for these roses? I bought the bush version but I have seen pictures of these roses and they are massive bushes. Some canes with blooms look like they can topple over from the weight. My second question is how much water do they need. I have read that they need lots of water to do well. Does that mean I have to water them everyday? Have anyone successfully grow these roses without spaying for diseases? Thanks.

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seil zone 6b MI

I have supports on both of my Austins. I suppose if you have the room you could just let them fountain but if space is limited a trellis will direct them up instead of out. My Golden Celebration easily gets 12 feet tall, and no, it's not a climber. As a matter of fact I think I read somewhere that there really is no difference between what they sell as a bush and a climber. They're the same variety. It's just a matter of how you grow them.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Not here.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I have Golden Celebration and Jude the Obscure and both are huge. But neither need support in any way. Jude is especially stiff and upright. Mine are grafted on Dr Huey. As far as water needs of these plants, I couldn't give you any estimates for your climate, since I live in a desert. Here is a Golden Celebration photo which was taken in June. This rose is about a two feet taller at present, or seven to eight feet tall and about six feet wide. Diane

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I have Carding Mill, Teasing Georgia, and Kosmos. All in very large pots. I understand from the Austin people in Texas, that if I don't want them larger than 5' tall and 3' wide, I can just keep them pruned. That is no problem for me....I get whacker happy sometimes anyway!. I potted them, only 1 month ago and already they are gorgeous.


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Evidently not. Please note the little trellis buried in the rose.. I do anchor it up when I want her to grow taller, up over the roof

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And I LOVE this rose! Diane, what a difference a zone or two makes.

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shellfleur(z7a Long Island, NY)

My Golden Celebration is 4 years old and does not need supports. It is definitely an upright grower with the canes shooting straight up in the air. The canes, so far, are not thick like Jude the Obscure, which is a more stout, vase-shaped bush for me. Jude is 6 years old and is nice and shrubby. In contrast, by the end of the summer, my GC has these tall, thinner canes just growing straight up in the air and looks kind of silly. I could see it doing well if trained on a support, but the canes will not flop over w/o support. I prune mine by at least a third every spring. Additionally, in the summer, I cut back some of the canes that are reaching too far up to the sky because this rose grows right off my patio and looks kind of odd with those crazy-tall canes. I'm not recommending that, merely saying that I have done that. I think both GC and Jude do far better with a regular spray schedule, otherwise they blackspot terribly. GC, in particular, is an ugly stick of a rose by midsummer if not sprayed. When sprayed, it is lush with foliage and blooms very regularly. My Jude still seems to look okay when not sprayed but blooms better with spray. Both benefit from lots of water during hot, dry periods but I don't see them needing more water than other roses I grow. I also grow Sharifa Asma, 6 years old, which has a beautiful, intensely scented bloom. It does very nicely when sprayed and watered. Without spray and sufficient water, it almost completely defoliates and ceases to bloom. I love this rose and in my opinion, it's worth having to spray it.

Other Austins to consider that do well here in the Northeast (for me, anyway) are Heritage (8 years old), which blooms in frequent flushes regardless of spray or extra water. Smells great too. Lillian Austin (8 years) also is fairly bulletproof for me, in terms of disease. She has more blowsy blooms, less formal, which have a mild sweet scent. All my Austin's spring flushes are show stopping, particularly as years go by. My Austins do not get as big as some of the pictures I have seen from the California gardeners. I think that the winters keep their size in check.

Good luck and enjoy your roses! Shelley

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Susan, that's a beautiful bouquet, but how do you get it to hang from a ceiling light fixture (just joking). But it really is beautiful. Sorry to be so silly. Diane

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Thank you everyone for your responses. Those rose photos are just awesome, one of the many reasons that led me to get these roses. Shelley, thanks for the detailed observations of your experience growing these roses. THey are very helpful. I think your growing area is very much similar to my zone. Can't wait to see them when they are established.

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I have 'Golden Celebration
(climber type)

It blooms only once in the spring and not returns:-((((
I need to pruning?

you have the same problem?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

We have grown Golden Celebration for many years. It is a Shrub Rose, which some people train as a climber.

When grown as an arching Shrub, it produces blooms on laterals, all along the arching canes.

In my Southern California area, Golden Celebration blooms as a "cropper." IOW, if you deadhead it as a flush of bloom ends, it will repeat fairly promplty. It will continue to repeat, as many times as you deadhead it.

Failure to deadhead Golden Celebration will result in less repeat, but the rose is fully remontant.

In our conditions, Golden Celebration does not respond well to hard pruning OR hard deadheading, but Your Mileage May Vary.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Regarding Golden Celebration & water needed - I've found it needs no more nor less than other roses here in central Virginia. But we have a fairly high average yearly precipitation at 50" or so - perhaps similar to your garden? This June & July rainfall was steadier than typical, and all the roses loved it - never seen them bloom so abundantly in July before.

As far as support - agree not necessary - depends on what look & form you're after. Decided to corral mine within a structure when it began to reach far into the arms of its companions - though that was a lovely look on its own, it didn't suit the location of that bed between the front walk & porch. (I like the abundant nearly wild look, but my husband prefers a more cultvated restrainment, so we compromise in that prominent location.)

This is my report from July of this year, and you may want to read the full discussion in the link.

Planted Golden Celebration 4? years ago in the center of a garden bed that spans the front porch. Saw within a year that it wanted to grow tall & left it to its own devices to arch for two years trying to figure out how to support it vertically. Assembled a 2-foot square copper pipe obelisk around it rising 9' from ground level. It's not tied to the supports but simply confined within them, which shapes it into a pillar form with the branches finding their own way within the verticals & spilling out over the cross pieces. Like this tall narrow yet full effect, the structure it bears as a centerpiece & the room given other plants in that bed. If the obelisk were removed today, the rose would easily arch down to a width of 15' & overpower the scale of the planting & its neighbors.

Mine started with lax thin canes but has firmed up well over time so the blossoms' stems face outwards instead of nodding as they did at first. The framework supporting it allows it to arch gently & it has many flowering shoots all along the branches. Just counted 18 along 2' of cane, and many of those are budding their own clusters. I've never pruned it, just deadhead the sprays. No dieback here in central Virginia just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains & no disease despite my lazy no-spray ways. At first the blooms came mostly one to stem, but ever since has put out sprays of at least five. Repeats so rapidly, with so many clusters budding as others are blooming that I'd have to call it continuous from mid-Spring past the first frosts - anywhere from mid-April through to Christmas. Love the scent & the nuance of color. Only in temps in the high 90's does it bloom plain yelllow. In the early flush its first Spring after planting the preceding Summer, some blooms were half bright tangerine & half egg-yolk yellow, as if they had a line drawn down their centers. This rose has never ceased to delight & amaze me. May it do so for you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Celebration

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