Rose Rosette - remove seemingly unaffected neighboring roses?

nccmama(z8 TX)September 25, 2012

I recently removed from my North Texas garden 1 each of Belinda's Dream, Marie Pavie, Climbing Pinkie, and an unknown white hybrid tea. The beds were in too much shade as the surrounding landscape has matured, so I suspect that this contributed to their vulnerability. They were not actually dead, just showing symptoms (witches brooms, etc.), so I removed them.

My question now is whether I should also destroy two other roses that were in the same bed that have not shown any signs of the disease. There is another Belinda's Dream and a Mrs. R.M. Finch that either need to be moved to a sunnier location or sacrificed in order to not infect roses in other locations in my yard. I am tempted to move them out of frugalness and sentimentality, but I certainly don't want to spread the disease around. Am I better off just making them take one for the team?

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

No, don't remove plants that have no symptoms. Check them every couple of days. But I have removed canes that were touching infected plants, as a precaution.

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I did a search and you did not post earlier about your rose rosette virus problems. So I am going to back up a bit. Since you had so many infected, I wonder if you actually had herbicide damage. Did you or a lawn service or a neighbor use a herbicide this summer?

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nccmama(z8 TX)

No herbacide anywhere near these roses, so I am certain that's not it. The roses were not dead, but they had been in decline for the past several years and would have 1 or 2 deformed canes (witches broom) as well as splotches on the canes. At first, I just thought it was a rogue cane or two and would trim them off. But, RRD is getting to be big news in North Texas, so when I became aware of it, I realized that's probably what it was. If I do keep the two roses in question, I will definitely need to move them to a sunnier location. I have a spot where I'd like to put them, but it is near another bed with healthy roses (Knock Outs, Valentine, Lamarque). Thanks for the advice.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Serious question: are there hackberry trees or pawlonia trees in your woods? Are there any other trees there for which the stem patterns don't look "right" in spacing or density?

In agreement with Michael's answer to your question, just watch the healthy ones, sometimes they escape especially in fall.


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