Black Spot Resistant Yellows?

TNY78(7a-East TN)September 2, 2011

I would like to add a couple more yellow roses to my garden, but I know so many of them are very prone to BS. So far I only have Julia Child, Eureka (terrible BS!!!), Charles Darwin, and two unknown yellow roses...out of a garden of over 200! I just placed an order with Palantine yesterday and will be getting South Africa in the spring also.

I will also be placing an order with Pickering in the next week or so because Palantine no longer offers Rosenstadt Freising...which was a main rose I wanted from them. Pickering however still offers it and also offers a couple yellows that are said to be very disease resistant.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good bs resistant yellow roses? I like yellows that don't tend to fade to white in the sun as well. I've been looking at Golden Fairy Tale, Arthur Bell, and maybe Molineux....what do you think?

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I have Autumn Sunset. Supposed to be a climber, hasn't gotten very big for me. You'd have less dieback though. No BS at all. Not even a hint. The buds are the prettiest part in my opinion as they are tinged with orange. They fade and blow out a bit quicker than I'd like, but I think that's just yellow roses in general. If you want BS resistance though, this is awesome.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Our Appalachian climate has maximum blackspot pressure, so there are few resistant, repeat-blooming roses of any color. I don't know of any non-fading bright yellows that I'd even consider for a no-spray garden.

The most BS-resistant yellows I've grown are Carefree Sunshine and Prairie Harvest, but they get cercospora spot in my garden. The climber Papi Delbard (multicolored but sometimes yellow) has been resistant so far. Irish Hope was resistant for years but has picked up a strain that affects it.

Old Tea roses grow better on your side of the ridge that here in cooler Western North Carolina, so I'll leave those for someone else to comment on.

If you spray occasionally, Valencia and Molineux are outstanding roses.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Actually I really like all of your suggestions..a lot! Michael G, I completely forgot until you mentioned it that I had ordered Irish Hope from Heirloom a couple of months ago and it was on backorder until this that worked out well. Also, Carefree Sunshine reminds me of my Limoncello, which I had forgotten about because it's tucked into a corner on the side of the fence..oops!

I am definitly going to look into finding Autumn Sunset and Valencia...those are the two that really stuck out to me! I do spray about once every 4-6 weeks which seems to help a little with the BS...

Thanks! Tammy

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You might want to try yellow flower carpet roses. My sister has a few in her garden and they seem to do well even with all the rain we've had. They're more upright than the other flowercarpet varieties but the blossoms are a nice bright yellow - don't seem to fade. Not sure where you could find them at this time of year though.

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Lemon Meringue is a bright yellow sport of Westerland--seems to have good resistance but I spray too often to be sure.

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Charlotte is another yellow Austin. Blackspot is not too bad here. I just got Teasing Georgia this spring. Jude the Obscure is also OK here.

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roseblush1(8a/Sunset 7)

Your very best shot of finding a yellow rose that won't have bs for you is to look around to see what yellow roses in your area are not impacted by bs.

The other night I was uploading some photos of Sequoia Gold to HMF, altho' a miniature, which is completely clean in my garden and saw where another site user had uploaded photos of the same rose with the comment that the rose was very prone to bs in her garden and always completely defoliated. Same rose, different gardens, different climates, different soils and culture.

My conclusion about the impact of bs is that you have to find out that works in your locality or it is simply very much a guessing game, since there are several strains of bs.

I know this isn't much help when it comes to getting recommendations, but it is something to think about.


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My Gold Phab from Palatine is always in bloom, no blackspot, ever, and stays a beautiful yellow. It is only 2-3ft, tho. It is planted under Sweetness, a soft purple rose and I love them together. My South Africa is outstanding. You will love this rose. Always in bloom and disease free. Good luck with your choice. Lesley

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

Bailey Nurseries Easy Elegance rose 'Yellow Submarine' is extremely black spot resistant in my garden - never a spot, and lots of blooms and re-blooms.

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TNY78 -- you might want to consider Sunsprite. This is my first year planting roses, and Sunsprite is definitely THE outstanding performer for me in terms of fragrance and disease resistance. I planted my Sunsprite two feets away from Gingersnap. By August, Gingersnap is almost naked from black spot, but the Sunsprite has been black spot free so far. Not only that, it is a bloom machine, and the warm, sweet fragrance is to die for. Of course, you live in an area that is probably more humid than my zone 6.

BTW, Gingersnap is doing better is doing better in the last three weeks and have put out a decent show of new leaves (and a few flowers) after I (1) started burying banana peels near its roots (thanks to tips on this forum) and (2) apply a general layer of coffee grind as mulch. Blackspot spores can be airborn, but I think that the coffee grind mulch might have helped with controlling the spores in the soil and the banana peel might have boosted its immunity. Now, only if I can get my tiny bands from HR to grow like Sunsprite.... :(

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Both Sunsprite and Sunflare have had successes in east Tennessee when many, many other vibrant yellows have BlackSpot problems of the worst kind.

A garden on one of the roads from my home to Knoxville started out with about twenty moderns floribundas and HTs. Within three years, it was down to five roses: four Dr. Hueys and one (from the growth habit and bloom form) either Sunsprite or Sunflare.

You might want to stop by the UT rose garden at the ag campus in about two and a half weeks. The BS supression by hot temperatures will have ended and the heavy rains and increased humidity along with temps in the optimum BS range will show how some of the Bailey roses do here with higher disease pressure, even with a decent spray regime and optimum water and fertilizer.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Sunsprite is highly susceptible to at least one race of blackspot, while being quite resistant to others. It was a good no-spray rose for years in my garden, but later began quickly defoliating. I think the same is true for Sunflare, which quickly defoliated (and IIRC died out) at the Griffing garden in Asheville. The same is certainly true of Baby Love, but I've told that story too often here.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions...I still haven't placed my order, for some reason I'm being hesitant...I keep walking through my garden and looking at my poor leafless yellows that a covered in blooms (at least they have those still!)

I really like Sunsprite & Yellow Submarine (can't find this one right now, may need to wait til spring and buy it as a container)

The other's I've found but can't find anything regarding BS are:
Copper Queen
Yellow Typhoon
Well Being
Easy Going
...Anyone have any good/bad experiences with these I'd love to hear :)

Ann: I think I may take your suggestion and visit UTs gardens. Also I know the rose convention is coming up and I was planning on taking the education classes they're offering...couldn't hurt right :)

There's a couple on my short list that have been suggested on this post

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

A word of caution: While Valencia is a truly gorgeous rose and seems fairly disease-resistant, I would not exactly call it a yellow rose. To me, it is more a buff color, with a very slight golden apricot hue in the center. Also, it is a bit slow on the rebloom. But if you want it, let me assure you it is a wonderful HT.

I really like Molineux myself, but most of the time the apricot shades are quite strong in its blooms. At times it is a yellow/creme blend, but more often it is a yellow/apricot blend--sometimes even an almost pinkish/apricot blend (it changes color a lot--one of its charms!). It has some disease-resistance but I need to spray fungicide on it about 3 times in the spring and a couple times in the fall (high blackspot seasons here) to keep the BS under control--not bad compared to many other roses, but not as disease-resistant as some others. But it is a terrific rose--great rebloomer also.

You might check Well Being out at Golden-yellow, but with a light pinkish blush at times. Buds are darker--dramatic contrast with the open blooms. It seems decently disease-resistant so far.

Now if you want to go to a creamy bloom with a pale yellow center (quite lovely!), there is Elina. You can't stop her from blooming and she is quite disease-resistant. Healthy, vigorous rose.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Thanks Kate...after reading your post I'm thinking that Molineux may tend toward being more on the pink/apricot side in my garden...if my Charles Darwin is any indication. Last year when I planted my Charles Darwin he arrived a beautiful shade of yellow from Chamblees...this year he has progressively become more of a peachy color (although very disease resistant...his leaves are beautiful with hardly any spray).

Thanks for sharing your Well Being experience...I think I'm going to go ahead and order that one & I know Pickering offers Elina also...I'll look into that one on HMF. Whats the worst than can happen? I end up with beautiful blooms on a leafless plant (that's what perrenials are for hide the bare stalks?) :)

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Easy Going was not resistant here. PS, don't mix greenish yellows like Sunsprite with orangey yellows like Easy Going--they look awful together if you see them in the same frame.

Elina is the most resistant HT I've grown--forgot to mention it above.

Molineux hardly every shows apricot tones in my climate. But it is only somewhat resistant to blackspot.

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Another great (but slightly older) yellow HT with excellent blackspot resistance in my spray-free garden is Midas Touch. Nice fragrance, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Midas Touch on

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Gina Lollobrigida is bs free for me, but we don't get too much blackspot. Does anyone else have it?

It is a vivid yellow, and there are always at least one (often more) gorgeous huge rose from it.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I did end up placing my order with Pickering....I ended up getting 5 yellows :)

Easy Going
Yellow Typhoon
Ginger Syllabub
Sunrise Vigarosa
Well Being

Hopefully they'll do well!

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mike_rivers(z5 MI)

The 2012 AARS winner, a yellow Grandiflora named 'Sunshine Daydream' is billed as the first AARS winner under no-spray conditions. Worth thinking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunshine Daydream

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