Fragrant yellow hybrid tea

dmoore66_gardener(6)October 5, 2012

I don't have any yellow or whie roses in my garden and would like some suggestions.

I grow only roses for cutting and for fragrance.

Any suggestions

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Suttter's Gold is yellow, and amazingly fragrant. Check it out on Help Me Find/roses on the web.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I am ordering Berolina for next spring--supposed to be fragrant AND disease-resistant.


Here is a link that might be useful: Berolina at HMF

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Sutter's Gold is the most fragrant, but it blows open with few petals.

Valencia combines pretty good fragrance with outstanding size and beauty. Good keeper. Not exactly resistant, but more resistant to blackspot than most yellow HTs.

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I LOVE my Sunsprite. Very fragrant, with gorgeous blooms that are perfect for cutting. Very prolific repeat bloomer and disease free in my climate.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

This is a question that I have been agonizing over as well. I was thinking about Eternal Flame or maybe Lemon Spice. I recently bought Valencia, glad to see a positive rec for it.

The only yellow I already have is St Patrick, which lasts long as a cut flower, but has no fragrance.

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'Valencia' is a terrific rose, but I consider it to be more apricot than true yellow.

Meilland's 'Eternal Flame' is quite impressive and very fragrant. However, it's a rose for a patient gardener. Even as a grafted plant, give it two full seasons before passing judgment on it. I've no idea how it does on its own roots.

Another Meilland yellow with strong fragrance is 'Marco Polo' -- great color on a robust plant.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Though it is a Grandiflora, rather than a HT, the finest yellow of that type we ever grew was 'Gold Medal.' It was a tall plant in Southern California, bloomed very well, and was disease-free here.

Like many moderns of the very recent past, it may now be hard to find, but it sure was a worthwhile rose, and probably vigorous enough to grow own-root.


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odie96(z7b SC)

Jerri, Gold Medal is one of the most beautiful roses ever. Mine is well over eight feet tall and never stops producing big, beautiful, yellow flowers from spring until Christmas. IMO, however, Radiant Perfume is by far the most gorgeous yellow rose I've had. It's holds up well in arrangements or is equally as lovely by itself in a bud vase. The color has yet to be matched. It's sold by J&P which is close to my home in SC. As far as aroma, the name speaks for itself. It has a delicious perfume fragrance that is unparalled. I love both of these beauties!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Yeah, Valencia is apricot. The blooms are huge, not much fragrance - but it gets about 15 blooms that last weeks and flushes 4 times HERE - which is fantastic in zone 3. It is an amazing plant - but not yellow. :)
In this picture there is only 1 bloom - but trust me - it's a bloom machine to get 15 blooms or more that are that large!


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Thanks everyone.
Will do some research on your suggestions.

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Berolina looks like the rose I am looking for. Should do well in zone 6a.
Anyone have it?

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My Berolina (from Pickering) is just completing its first year in my garden, so the jury is still out. The progression of color reminds me of Julia Child (the Floribunda) in that the blooms are a delightful shade of yellow upon opening, but fade rapidly to cream in my zone 8 sun/heat.

The color change isn't quite so pronounced with the few fall blooms I'm getting now. I would expect that the color would last longer in your milder zone 6 garden. At pruning time in early '13, I plan to move my plant to a location where it will be partially protected from afternoon sun.

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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

I have a new yellow hybrid tea that arrived just last month as a band, so I can't say that much about it yet except that it looks healthy and has tolerated our recent scorching heat just fine. The rose is Limelight, bred by Kordes, Germany, in 1984. Limelight is supposed to be very fragrant and Kordes does select for disease resistance. HMF lists it as only hardy for zone 7b and above. On the other hand HMF also lists a garden in zone 4a and 6a that have it.

I looked on HMF for a fragrant white hybrid tea hardy for your zone and found Janet Carnochan which was discovered (as a sport of Silverado) in Canada in 1995. JC is hardy to zone 5a.


Here is a link that might be useful: Janet Carnochan on HMF

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Somehow I overlooked your request for white rose suggestions.

Pope John II is often highly recommended on this forum. I have never seen it, so I don't know anything else about it.

However, I do have a nice white HT--Memoire (also known as Ice Cream)by Kordes. It is white/cream, moderate fragrance, and very disease resistant. I've had mine for one entire season and really, really like it. It is quite good on re-bloom also.


Here is a link that might be useful: Memoire at HMF

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odie96(z7b SC)

Kate, PJP is a gorgeous white rose with a lucious grapefruit smell. In my area, it developed black spot easily and was hard to treat, but it never quit throwing out those beautiful blooms. Great rose!

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seil zone 6b MI

Julia Child isn't an HT but she is lovely, fragrant and healthy for me. I would also second Pope John Paul for cutting and fragrance but he is less healthy. My cousin has Midas Touch and it's always gorgeous and smelly too.

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Elina is wonderful and so is Eternal Flame

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I will suggest Radiant Perfume also....
Ive had this rose for many years now.
It's one of the prettiest yellow roses that i've seen.
The fragrance is just wonderful!!!!

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