KO's Horrible This Year!!

valtorrez(6b)October 15, 2011

I purchased 3 KO's 3 years ago when I brought house. In the prievious years my KO's did great blooming from spring to fall. This year we had extremely hot weather and my KO's stop blooming in summer no matter how much I watered them. Now that has cooled off- they still are not blooming. Do you think they are permantly damaged or after I prune them in spring they will come back? Could I have did something wrong when I pruned them in the spring that made them not bloom in summer?

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seil zone 6b MI

I wouldn't worry, valtorrez. They'll be back next season. It was probably just the crazy hot weather. Not sure where you are at but now that it is cooler the days are much shorter so less sunshine will also inhibit blooming. And you really can't prune them wrong unless you cut them to the ground. KO's are shrubs and can be cut literally with hedge trimmers and they'll do fine. Keep any dead canes cut out and dead head the spent blooms and they should bloom all season, weather permitting.

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Thanks, I live in St. Louis and lots of 100 degree weather this year so that must have been the problem. I will start anew next year.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

My 2 Double Knock Outs seem to be having problems recovering from the triple-digit heat they suffered for several months here in Kansas also. They just are not bursting back into bloom in this cooler autumn weather--though a number of my other roses are starting to put on a decent autumn show. But I'm waiting until next year before I panic-- if they haven't recovered by that time.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

What was/is your fertilizing routine? The extreme heat was probably a major factor, just wondering if there is any other thing to look at.

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I used the Bayer 4 in 1 and Rose Tone for fertizing. I usually do every 6 weeks. It is the end of October and my bushes are now showing several roses on them. Neighbors have different type of roses and they have great big blooms. See what happens next year.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

One possibility would be that your roses were grafted, and you pruned all the Knock Out parts off. IF next spring, your rose has a different shade of red blooms, you will have lost your roses to their rootstock (Dr. Huey) which only blooms once a year.

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stlgal(south z5)

I wouldn't worry too much, just let them come back next spring and see what you get. I agree with Seil, you can't really misprune them unless you pruned them completely to the ground, in which case like Ann says you may end up with Dr. Huey rootstock. My KO bushes did not grow much this year and struggled to keep a smattering of blooms on in the withering heat this summer also. I think they mind the heat more than Austins perhaps, which seems weird. And then it went from that heat to relatively cool so rebloom isn't rapid. I have a few KOs as landscaping shrubs in my upper beds and they only have a few blooms and some hips at present. I think I've gotten a much better show in past years from them.

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