Sugar Moon / Liv Tyler

shellfleur(z7a Long Island, NY)October 7, 2013

Hi, I picked up both these plants over the weekend for $10 each, in 5 gallon containers. Sugar Moon looked tall and healthy with a few huge blooms. Wonderful scent! Liv Tyler had some blackspot (the usual for this region) but was still doing well with lots of buds about to bloom.

Please tell me all you can about the habit of these two roses. I have read all the old posts but there were written prior to this growing season. I'd like to get an idea about size of plant, shape of bush, are these back of the border roses? Any growing recommendations?

Thanks in advance! Shelley

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I haven't grown Liv Tyler, but I do have Sugar Moon. Just my second year growing it, though. It didn't bloom much its first year, but was a vigorous plant. It has really shot up this year...definitely back of the border in my climate. I would say mine is over 7 ft tall and around 4 ft wide and just in its second seasonâ¦hopefully, it wonâÂÂt get much bigger. I'm 5'6 and can't reach the top of it with my arm completely upstretched. Strong canes that haven't broken yet with my bending them down to deadhead or cut buds to bring inside. It does give me some flowers lower, but most are at the top of those long, tall canes. ItâÂÂs been a decent producer this yearâ¦not really big flushes, but consistently has a dozen or so blooms on it. We had an uncommonly wet spring and early summer this year. It rained almost daily over a long period of time. Sugar Moon did not handle the wet weather well here. Almost every bloom was ruined from all the rainâ¦either balled or rotted before opening completely or turned to mush in the rain as soon as it did open. I havenâÂÂt had that problem with it since the rain slowed down, though. Huge blooms with extremely strong fragrance. Blackspot is a big problem in our humidity, and I do spray. Sugar Moon doesnâÂÂt seem to need spraying very often though to stay clean here.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My two 'Liv's has taken four years to get going here in gentle, mild zone 9b. Poor resistance to Rust, spindly, gangly, awkward growth. Surprisingly it stands up to heat very well, seems to love it, actually. The flowers have that wonderful scent, which is why I'm putting up with the plants. I had another previously which I got rid of, thinking new specimens would do better. Not much, I discovered. But oh, that fragrance...

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shellfleur(z7a Long Island, NY)

HoovB, are your Livs grafted or own root? How big are they? Thanks do much for the info. That bloom is gorgeous!

Pat, thanks for your input about Sugar Moon.
The tall white blooms called me over and the scent sealed the deal. I will put this one toward the back.

Thanks again, Shelley.

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Liv tyler knocks me out!

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My Liv who I call by the other name Comtesse de Provence, has an open shape but enough upright growth that I don't mind. The flowers fried in 98 heat and wind but other than that, warm days in the low 90s didn't bother her. She's a consistent bloomer and the fragrance is wonderful. Its different from most of the other roses I have. Everyone likes it.

Sugar moon is tall and vertical. The big round camellia "moony" shape is best in cool weather mid 70s to low 80s for me. Fragrance has not been strong on my flowers yet but I do love the camellia shape of them. They can get big too like bread and butter plates.

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Love the pretty red centers

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Take the trunk off Susan's photo, and those are my 'Liv's. They are grafted on Doc Huey and bought from Edmunds.

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I grew Sugar Moon for the first time this year. It is very strong, very tolerant of the heat and dryness and does not mildew but it is not a good bloomer. I've hacked it down several times but each time it sends up a long cane with a single bloom. In comparison Honor which is similar and was a poor performer in CT is just as strong here as Sugar Moon and is a heavy bloomer as well.

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My SM is as Harry described. Mine is a standard, one tall bloom ...nothing nearly as spectacular as kitty's. Wow!

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shellfleur(z7a Long Island, NY)

Thanks for all the information. Hopefully I will get lucky w my Sugar Moon since one of the things that attracted me was that there were several blooms and a bunch of buds yet to open. And I loved the scent. Today I found a spot for it and will plant it this weekend. I planted my Liv Tyler in a nice, sunny location earlier today. I'm already excited for next spring!

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