List of Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

bbmiche(7 NJ)March 28, 2014

If you want to avoid using GMO seeds, here is a list of seed companies owned by Monsanto. It also gives a list of seed companies that are not.

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That was a great link -- lots of good information. Thank you, bbmiche.

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Thanks for the list. So disappointed to find a couple companies I've bought from on the list. Now I know better going forward.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thanks so much for this list. What the heck is Monsanto trying to do, buy up every seed company on the planet?

I buy from FEDCO a lot and very very happy with everything about them. Have also used Diane's Flower Seeds.

I may buy from Baker's at some point.

Have bought from Pinetree.

Seeds of Change is owned by Mars, Inc.? Isn't that the company that owns M&Ms? Okay, I just looked them up. They have made large contributions to oppose legislation to require companies to identify GMO foods.

When they bought out Seeds of Change in 2010, here is what happenedâ¦. from Wikipedia

"The Seeds of Change Research Farm and Gardens were founded in 1989 in Gila, New Mexico.[3] In 1996 the Research Farm moved north to a site closer to the company's Santa Fe offices. The farm includes over a thousand varieties of plants on six acres of land originally cultivated by the Tewa people on a flood plain along the Rio Grande in El Guique, New Mexico. The farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

In August 2010, Mars announced that it would close the El Guique farm and move some management to Los Angeles. A final tour of the farm was provided on Saturday, August 14. A spokesperson for Mars indicated the closure was due to a "strategic shift" and that not all the employees would retain their jobs."

I've bought my last package of seed from Seeds of Change. What a shame they shut down that organic farm with over a 1,000 plants on it. I wonder what their 'strategic shift' means?

I used to pick up Ferry Morse once in awhile in a pinch, off my list.

Gardens Aliveâ¦wow. I'm surprised by that one, and I don't buy from them anyway.

McClure & Zimmermanâ¦another surprise, but I don't buy from them either.

Here is a link that might be useful: List of Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

I was already questioning whether the list would be credible or not. Then I read:

"JohnnyâÂÂs Seeds, Burpee Seeds, Territorial Seeds and Park Seeds Have Been Removed From This List, They Are Not Owned By Monsanto in Any way; These Companies Do Sell Great Quality Products In Whole." Also the list is also, "or sells small percentages of seed from them."

Now I doubt their whole list. What, remove names once someone finds an inaccuracy? or proves one is wrong? 1% retail connection and then made to look as "owned by"? Looks like poor research, poor presentation.

If they include links to the proof, then I'll believe it. Web-equivalent of footnotes.

***If any company you like is on the list, research their ownership yourself.***

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

You're right, kilngod, someone should have researched before they put them on the list. Although, how do you easily find out who owns these companies? If you call and ask, I can imagine you could get the run around. And what online source, would be reliable for that kind of information? It is possible that some companies are not eager to advertise what they own.

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gardener_mary(6 MA)

I don't think that that is a very reliable list. I did a bit of research, I don't believe that Ferry Morse/ Jiffy/ American Seed is owned by Monsanto. So I don't trust the viability of this list.

Good Gardening, Mary

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

No company sells GMO seeds to home gardeners. Any seed you buy will not be GMO, unless you are a commercial farmer and then you will must sign a GMO agreement before they will sell you seeds. Not Monsanto, nor any company it owns or any company it has ever owned, will sell you GMO seeds. I will not boycott good seed companies because Monsanto owns them. It will only cause Monsanto to close down unprofitable seed companies which will cause a loss of natural genetic diversity.

Burpee was never owned by Monsanto, but sold its west coast operations which changed hands and were eventually bought by Monsanto. The miniscule home gardening operation those operations developed is one of the principle sources that most seed companies we purchase from get their seeds from and rebrand from. Each variety is maintained genetically pure to itself, and the home garden area has absolutely no more access to GMO's than any all-organic anti-GMO crusading company. If anything the larger companies have less questionable variety development. If you want to avoid the improved non-GMO varieties, just buy vintage varieties.

But as far as GMO's, the grubby greedy hands of corporate America will never allow a GMO trait to be given to home gardening in the current legal conditions, since they would then lose all their investment in the GMO patent which is their golden-egg laying money goose.

Disclaimer: I worked for a seed company that was being purchased by Monsanto, in a GMO-free operation. When the purchase was finalized, I was out on my rear without a job, so if anyone has reason to be unhappy with them for political reasons, that's me! Companies are bought and sold every day in the seed business, and the corporate owners usually have nothing to do with the good people working at them who are hard working employees, many who like gardening and natural living, like me.

If you want to be sure of what you are buying, buy by variety, not by brand. Nobody of the big guys is going to tell you which seeds they buy from their competitors, and by definition if you buy a variety you can research it's entire pedigree.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I don't know that I agree with your position. Why buy from a company that you can't trust? And, just for the sake of argument, why would Monsanto own so many seed companies, what's their reason for buying them all? Wouldn't it appear they are trying to have a monopoly on seeds? And what is going to happen to the seed they are selling? I would wonder that they were going to tamper with them. Why would you support that company giving it your money?

This company seems to be power hungry and has their own agenda as far as the food supply goes and seems to be lacking in integrity. That is a really bad combination. I think they would like to have nothing but GMO seeds available to buy to everyone, including home gardeners. If you support their companies, you have no idea what they are doing behind the scenes. And with their history of trying to influence legislation, at some point, once they have a monopoly of owning seed companies, then what?

I think you should support seed companies that you can trust, that are working hard to keep seeds GMO free in the future and who work with people they can trust. I have been buying most of my seed from FEDCO the last few years. They are a Coop and have taken a strong position on this subject.

Bottom Line to me is why give Monsanto more power? Reduce their power and influence by buying from people who are trustworthy and interested in keeping the food supply unadulterated.

Look at how they closed down the Seeds of Change organic farm after they bought it. And you are depending on the current legal climate, while Monsanto is using all that money you are putting in their coffers to try to alter the legal climate, so that they will ultimately have control of the food supply.

Consumers have a lot of power that they are not using to support good companies and stop supporting bad companies. And why would someone who likes gardening and natural living work for a company whose stated goals are completely against your values?

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You are so right. I found out that Plantation Products (such a lovely company, NOT) owns American Seed, Ferry Morse, Jiffy, NK and McKenzie. However, after doing this research, I have bought my last Ferry Morse seed packet. I'll stick with the friendly, who actually care online seed companies.

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