I got sprouts!

ellenr22March 24, 2014

I was a little dubious cuz one year I tried direct sowing mullein, and none came up.
very happy to see my first sprouts.

some info on mullein:
"Mullein is a weed commonly found in abandonned lots. It grows in gravel, sand, poor soil and asphalt.
Like most weeds, mullein serves a purpose.
It has a deep taproot which loosens compacted soil.

Mullein etches lose the minerals in the gravel and transforms the minerals into a form that can be used.
It pulls the minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium into the leaves. When the leaves fall off, or the plant is composted, nutrients are added to the soil.

It is an early succession plant. Once its job is done, and the soil is improved, it leaves."

How cool is that?

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing. But it begs the question as to why weeds are always the first things up? Haven't been in my garden much with all the snow and wet, but the one trip I made last week found many weeds thriving.

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Common Mullein, a biennial is an invasive non-native weed and it's gazillion+ seeds it produces on just one are viable in the soil for decades. This one cropped up in my gardens back in the WA Palouse and I was forever pulling up babies......I lived across from crop land and pastures. No so much fun :O


Here is a link that might be useful: Common Mullein

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I agree Vera, invasives are a pain in the...
but where I live mullein is not very prolific. For example in the woods I see about 4-5 plants, and every year, the same number.
and in the garden area, from time to time they appear outside the garden near the compost area (I dig 'em up and put them in my garden), but some years there are none, and some years one or two.

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Congrats on your sprouts ellen!

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Congrats on the sprouts! I love growing those. They are also known as Verbascums. I get seeds from Gardens North and this year am growing 4 different kinds including Verbascum Olympicum, and Verbascum Eriophorum. I grew the Olympicum at my parents place the last couple of years due to my lack of gardening space. This plant grew 9 feet tall and had a candlelabra formation of flower spikes. Hummingbirds loved it!!!

I'm dedicating an area soley to them in the gardens I am tending for the next couple of years. I enjoy plants which make a statement!! :O)

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