plastic milk jugs

Ghita(5)March 26, 2014

I'm just doing this for the first time this year. Is it necessary to completely tape the top back to the bottom or can I just use a tab to keep the lid down?

Just wondering....

Also, I see that winter squash can be wintersown, but can zucchini and acorn squash also be wintersown? How about leeks?

I have about 60 cartons down now.
Chinese Cabbage
Romaine Lettuce
Leaf lettuce

Next is sunflowers, butternut squash, and tomato.

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I just leave the handle side intact and use twist ties through little holes on the other side to close the jug. I spring sow my squash and cucumbers (using the wintersow method) rather than wintersow because they grow so fast and I don't think the plants should be very large when transplanted. I always wintersow leeks, and they do very well.

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I think one piece of tape, usually on the side opposite the hinge side, should be enough. If you are like me and look in (i.e. pick up and put down) your jugs almost every single day for sprouts, even in the dead of winter, lol, then you may want a bit more tape, since the jug takes a lot of jostling. Some of my earlier-sown jugs I will tape all around the cut, but for the later-sown ones (since they are not exposed to as much weather or as much jostling by me!) I will use just the one piece of tape.

I WS my zucchini, usually in April (I guess not technically winter, but I use the method). I don't grow acorn squash, but if I did, I would try it by WSing. Never tried leeks, but again, would certainly try it by WSing.


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terrene(5b MA)

When I used milk jugs I tried assorted ways to cut and close the jug. I tried a flap in the top half, with a piece of tape. Then cut the jug in half with a hinge, and used tape to close. Finally, I cut in half and punched holes in the top and bottom with a hole-punch, and used twist ties to close the jug.

All these techniques worked fine! The jug doesn't need to be sealed all the way around.

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