White fluffy mold in seed starter kit-HELP!

marymarie2007March 5, 2009

I started seeds under lights using Pro Mix. Now I have white fluffy mold in a couple of the little pots. What now?

Is there a way to kill the mold? Do I have to ditch everything and start over?

All advice welcome. Thanks!

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Marymarie: While there are some folks here who start some seeds indoors undoors under lights, most of us don't. This is the wintersowing forum- we start our seeds outdoors in winter. Someone here might offer advice, but you might find more help in another forum, maybe growing under lights.

Or, consider joining us in wintersowing.


Here is a link that might be useful: FAQs

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kiddo_1(NE OH 5)

Hi Marymarie - try the 'growing from seed' forum. Over there we discuss starting seeds inside, etc. :-)

seed forum


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pour hydrogen peroxide 3% undiluted over your moldy pot. It won't hurt seeds. It is lack of air movement and too much moisture that creates it. Keep container open for a day.
If you read FAQ on this forum you will see there is much easier way to grow plants than indoor. You might have great fun as we do here!

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I couldn't say whether or not it's the same, but I just went through the same thing a few days ago with my grapefruit and mandarin seed.
The seeds pushed up out of the soil as they sent down their first roots (radical) and they too were covered in the fuzzy white fungi. I just opened the bags a little until the seed-leaves appeared and it cleared up altogether on one. On the other seedling I just keep wiping it away with a finger and it's been out of the bag for a few days now. The potting mix is also only slightly moistened. Now even though the fuzz continues to appear on the outer seed coat the seedling is healthy green and sturdy and has no ill effect! Obviously whatever fungi I have isn't damping-off or Botrytis. It is probably just a naturally breaking down fungi aiding in the decay of the shedding seed coat. I always see the same thing it every April while germinating pepper seeds and none of them were ever lost.

In the past though I have also used peroxide. They were lavender seeds in the radical emergence stage that I sprouted using the baggie/moist coffee filter method. I let them swim in a diluted peroxide mix before I potted them up individually. They had to go back into zip-lock baggies until the seed-leaves emerged and the fuzz never came back.

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Weak Chamomile tea also helps.

I have some seeds I tried to start indoors that I use it on. I am close to letting them die and doing 100% WS this year. the WS is much easier so far.

the seeds inside also have a light on them and a fan to keep the mold away. I brew one cup of the tea and dilute it in a bucket of water then water the seedlings. I also use it for my pots I bring inside for the winter.

Everyone here is right the seed starting forum is probably a good place to ask about this.


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