moving plants to another state and zone in Dec.

aeiger(Z7bNC)October 18, 2011

Hello all, my name is Abi and I used to visit this forum constantly. Been a long while now. Lots of things happening with the family and now we must make an emergency move from Connecticut to Charlotte, North Carolina. We are moving Dec. 5th. I only have room for about 3 of my 50 some rose bushes. And of course they are all big. Don Juan, Abe Darby and Heritage, maybe Joseph's coat. Can I cut them way back (WAAAYYYYY back)and keep in a pot in garage till spring? What do you think? /Abi

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I would think that Charlotte is warm enough that you could keep them in large pots outside, after cutting them WAY back and potting them up. If it was here I would just immediately plant them in the ground, but you should of course get an opinion from someone who lives in Charlotte! Perhaps you could call a local rose society -


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seil zone 6b MI

I think it sounds very doable. If possible I'd wait until they are completely dormant before pruning them down and potting them. Get as big a pots as you can and take big root balls if possible. During the winter in the garage give them a little water about once a month too. Then get them in the ground next spring as soon as you can work the soil and hopefully before they start to come out of dormancy. That way they may never know the difference. Since these are all climbers and very large shrubs it will probably take them all a couple of years to get back to their old selves after such a hard pruning but once they're replanted they should do fine.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

You can move them as dormant bareroots and plant them outside in December, mounding them. This is not the optimum time, but it will work unless unseasonable weather makes them grow out and freeze back. However, they will probably stay dormant until March. Try to keep the dormant bareroots between 29 and 45 degrees until they are safely in the ground.

Of course you can cut them back to 1' cane stubs, just like the bareroots you obtain from commerce.

Or if you choose to pot them up, 5-gal pots should be OK outside unless temperature drop below, say, 10 degrees.

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