weeping mulberry

redrover1August 11, 2012

At my local home depot they have a weeping mulberry that they have a big discount on. Anyway i dont know that much about them and just started searching. I have a good spot fore one once in the back of my yard.thanks for any info. Ill be doing some searching as well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


do you have any specific questions for us???


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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

My experience with weeping mulberry is that they grow relatively fast, have a root system that is profuse and heavy (do not plant it near a shallow sewer line, septic system or paved area) and will eventually require an eye for selective pruning. I have seen too many looking very funky with the "bowl cut," being pruned at an even height at the bottom and looking like Moe on the Three Stooges.
Normally is top grafted and sometimes volunteers upright sucker growth along the trunk, which also requires removal.
Relatively pest and disease free, at least around here.

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Its a real good price. Im just completly sold on it. Does it have blooms. I really dont know that much about them. Have to keep searching. At first i thought it was a weeping cherry but was disappointed when i found out otherwise. Thanks

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where are you searching rover?? crimminey.. see link .. it took .15 seconds .... flip to the SEARCH side for links ....

add FLOWERS after the search words ...

anything that fruits.. must.. have a flower.. its how it all works..

i just dont understand the hesitation.. if your so excited by it??? JUST GO BUY THE DARN THING ...

personally.. in adrian MI.. i would 'hold it' in the pot.. until mid september.. until night temps cool ...

do you know how to plant trees?? if not.. start a new post. ...


ps: welcome to GW!!!! .... might have to take a bit of razzing .. lol ..

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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(Unfortunately, IMO) most weeping mulberries in the general nursery trade are fruitless male clones - 'Chapparal' is probably the most common. So...chances are, what you're looking at is a fruitless male.
Fine if you're one of the anal retentive types that eschew any fruits, and the 'flowers' are relatively insignificant - certainly not showy - but also be aware that in areas where 'fruitless' mulberries have been planted extensively, the pollen has turned out to be a significant allergen for folks who become sensitized to it.

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