Pruning Damson Plum

teabag43August 25, 2007

Our Damson Plum Tree has some Black knot infection that we have been keeping somewhat under control by cutting out the knots this summer. This tree is overgrown with branches trailing down to the ground so we are not concerned about losing a lot of fruit next year. Can we prune this fall prior to the winter or is it safer to leave the pruning to early spring or late winter prior to growth? I understand the steps we have to take to try to save the tree with regard to the black knot it is just that I am unsure as to when would be the best time to do a severe pruning. Thanks for any input.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I have no idea what black knot is but i'm sure that its best not to leave any pruning of plum trees till too late in the year as come fall when its much wetter(here in england anyway) there's a risk of fungal infection-can't remember the name of it now. I decided to prune our old plum tree heavily as it was old and badly needed some work. I just cut back all the branches leaving a skeleton to form a new crown. I'm not bothered about losing fruit as no one eats it and the garden gets covered in plums and the puppy eats them-not good!

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