Rose of Sharon Blue Satin

aaronj2005August 29, 2011

I just planted a ROS Blue Satin. I am pretty new to gardening. I wanted to know if I planted it in a spot with enough room for growth. How much is it expected to grow? Both width and height? I want it to grow as high and wide as it can to give some privacy.


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It is a pretty little plant. I purchased a 5 gallon this spring and I was NOT disappointed with the show. Did it not have a tag on it with the mature dimensions? I think it something like ~12-15' tall and 5-8' wide off the top of my head. Not a fast grower either. It is gonna take a few years to reach the top of that fence. I would not rely on this particular plant for privacy purposes alone, but it does have merit for the pretty flowers. Perhaps you could plant something columnar maybe evergreen near the back of the bed to provide a solid background her and would do a much better job concerning privacy issues. How much sun does it get? I see it is in shade in the pic. Too much shade will produce leggy growth on her.


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Thanks John. It gets morning sun til about 230- 3 pm. What other ROS would you recommend that is a faster grower than blue satin and provides privacy? Do you think I planted it with too much room surrounding it? Thanks!!

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That was my first ROS. I now have another ROS that has double flowering purple flowers. It is more subtle and better suited close to a sitting area. There are a TON of ROS cultivars out there, though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

That sun amount should be plenty for your baby. Planting location is also good. It will fill in the area, but it will just take a while. Are you considering any other shrubs to plant around it? Adding a little diversity might speed up the fill rate some. You can always remove unneeded plants as the blue sating starts growing "into" them.

Just a thought


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I will probably just keep the ROS in that area by itself. I have a hydrangea to the right out of the baby ROS-- you can see some of it in the picture above. My hydrangea did not bloom at all this summer while last summer it was full. If it doesn't do well next year, I plan to put another ROS in its spot; preferably one that is a faster grower than Blue Satin.

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