bareroot and/or liner nurseries that sell retail

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)August 14, 2014

My Porcupine Hollow Farm post was inspired by this.

There are plenty of SEEDLING nurseries selling small, cheap trees.

However, cheap/small cultivars are harder to find. Many mail-orders do, but certain cultivars, even if widely spoken of, are hard tro find - Bonfire sugar maple comes to mind but many others, too.

Some cultivars, it seems even the "go-to" mail order nurseries just don't have.

So what I'm really looking for, are wholesale liner nurseries that would sell small (bare root, probably) CULTIVAR liners to the general public.

Anyone know of any?

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Just a follow-up to the Missouri link I posted in that Porcupine thread:

Many of my friends received 2-4' bare-root trees even though they are "advertised" as 1-year.

...I should have written that, however....

And no, I don't know anyone selling cultivar liners except for grafted conifers: Western Evergreen, i.e. And the obvious 500 dollar minimum, Heritage Seedlings. Have a look at JLPN though as an afterthought. I ordered oaks for grafting from them once, and I think I was able to purchase 25's of a white and red for 50 total.


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

The MO link IS quite interesting, definitely.

The cultivars are harder to get. JPLN may be worth looking into.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

So what I'm really looking for, are wholesale liner nurseries that would sell small (bare root, probably) CULTIVAR liners to the general public.

==>>> you live in a land of wonderment ... lol .. i did for a long time also ... it was a fun ride ...

CULTIVARS do not come true from seed ... they have to be grafted ... that means they have 2 to 4 years tied up.. in growing root stock.. or buying it in ... before they can even graft

just that alone... means the resulting CULTIVAR is NOT going to be cheap ... nor in liners ....

and when you get into trees and conifers ... there are FEW.. that can be rooted ... but on most of them.. the success rates are very low... e.g. for every hundred pieces .... you might be lucky to get 25% take ... thats a lot of time effort and greenhouse space that has to be paid for... for the few successes ....

cheap='s growing from seed ...

seedlings of species trees.. should be cheap .. they are seedlings.. they are not cultivars ...

your own words.. seem to show some confusion ...

anyway ... your drive and ambition inspire me.. keep at it.. you will win.. sooner or later ...


ps: my 10 year old esk sunset that i paid 125$ died over the winter.. if you run across a dollar twenty five liner of one.. let me know ....

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Ken, I am well aware that cultivars are grafted. However, in the conifer world, Stanley and Sons does exactly what I am saying (with the requisite membership of course).

Nobody in the broad leaved world does, it seems.

Cheap is relative, of course.

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As noted above, jlpn has some cultivars available for sale at good prices, in bundles of 25. Though looking at their recent catalog, they seem to have not as much variety as when I first started buying from them a few years ago.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Forest Keeling is about 60 miles from me. I've been able to go there in my MarkVIII (the Toronado is gone) and leave with two trees, me and the kid in the car.

-They have been very nice to me putting up with the before mentioned kid running around and me asking more annoying questions.

-Their prices for three or four foot tall trees in pots seem great to me.

-They will have a fella bring up smaller examples of the trees they have for sale up front since I show up in ridiculous cars. (I like small transplants anyways)

This place sold me the "Wildfire" Nyssa sylvatica I am always updating that post about and several other trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forest Keeling

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

I've checked out their website, toronado - they have a lot of stuff listed, but when you click, the quantity always seems to be "zero".

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

After a few calls and emails, I have found that some larger nurseries will often sell bareroot cultivar liners when they recieve their liner orders in spring. They don't always advertise it, however, and you have to catch them at the right time.

Wholesalers will also sometimes sell retail if you spend enough cash in a single order...

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Thanks Dax for the link to JLPN they seem like an interesting company with some very good pricing! hairmetal4ever, I'm really glad you asked this question! It seems like I am always taking heat for buying large nursery stock and the issues that they come with, but have never really seen a good alternative since almost no nurseries around me offer the special varieties in the smaller sizes!

Hope we can get some additional names/recommendations!

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I am not sure of the details, but rarefind nursery in NJ sent me a catalog this spring and i saw tons of maple (Japanese) forms and cultivars, not sure on the details for those maples, but i got 2 healthy Rhodedendron Maximum from them on 2 seperate occasions.

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