When should I plant a new fig tree?

frustratingsignup(7)August 5, 2013

Hi, last year hurricane Sandy uprooted and killed the Italian fig tree (Red Honey Fig) I had for many years. I finally found a replacement at a garden center. It is small at the moment, about 20 inches tall and potted in a small disposable pot. My question is: When should I plant it outside? Should I keep it indoors in a bigger planter for the winter season to grow a bit before moving it outdoors? Or should i plant it now as It doesn't get cold now until end October - mid November. Also, is there any food or fertilizer I can/should use during transplant that will help it along?
Thanks in advance,

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i plant nothing in august.. to easy to miss a very needed watering ...

it is not a houseplant.. so it should NOT be in the house ...

i am holding a number of things on the north side of the house.. which means the sidewalk i have to walk by every day.. i keep things properly moist.. in my z5 MI.. shoot for mid sept planting... even if it gets hot then .. nights are cool for stress recovery ...

never did a fig in my life... so perhaps i am wrong ...

and finally.. one stress.. all at once.. up-potting it not.. then unpotting it in a month or two.. is just two stresses in my world... [add a third.. if it was shipped]

if i were concerned that its roots would get hot in some tiny pot.. i would pot it.. pot-in pot.. just to temper media heat in august ...


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I just planted one. Been very WET in the Northeast, and now fairly cool when more rain forecast this week. Not a bad window of opportunity to transplant even if it gets hotter after in the next month and beyond. Go for it if Sandy was a concern! Excellent soil moisture for us.

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