plz help i have an orphaned tree

shadrockAugust 18, 2014

I found a weeping katsura in a nursery that was forgotten and pretty much disgarded. It had ...according to the owner some die back and had been to me pretty heavely pruned at the top... it is old work as the top shows dead stubs there is some and i use the term loosley some new branching growth. It is about 4 ft. Tall and the trunk is 3 to 4 in. Around ... is there anything i can do to promote LIMB growth and will it ever gain any height... any input would be greatly appreciated

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I would start with a healthy plant rather than waste time trying to help an unhealthy plant survive.

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Take up Bonsai! Half kidding. Many bonsai plants are short and thick trunked. It may not be ideal for it, but it sounds like it would.

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