Brogdon Avocado with yellowing leaves

bblack912(7)August 13, 2014

I just recently received this 2-3' hardy avocado tree as a gift last month. I transplanted it in a 13" pot (since being in Memphis, TN I think it'll be too cold for it in the winter and I will have to bring it inside), not long afterwards I noticed a leave turned yellow and fell off, I figured it was because of the shock of transplanting it. Then another fell off, now I've noticed the leaves up to about half way are starting to become kind of yellow and blotchy from the edges in. I have re-transplanted it again into a larger, I believe it's a 24" pot, and added some fertilizer but the leaves are the same. Any ideas? I will attempt to attach a picture.

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What kind of soil does it have?

Could be transplant shock. Avocados resent transplanting more than many tropicals. Stop fussing with it and let it acclimate and see if the leaves stop falling. Don't feed it at this point.

(What is a "hardy avocado"? As far as I know they are all tropical and subtropical withstanding only light frost.)

You might also want to post on either the tropicals or tropical fruits forum as most of the trees discussed here are not tropicals.

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It is a Brogdon avocado from Florida, called cold and hardy because it is supposed to be able to withstand colder weather than other types. I used a Miracle Grow potting soil.

Thanks njoasis

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MG potting soil is awful!!!! Just awful. It is all peat moss! You will hear that it stays wet, BUT, OUTSIDE, in the sun (in the real world), it turns 'hydrophobic' real fast...I.e., it resists any moisture retention, big time. Been there...done that!

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So would you say that it needs more frequent watering? I was afraid to over water because I've read of root-rot. And would you recommend transplanting again using a different soil?

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