Coleus - HOS.... whatta ya think?

carrie630(z7bNC)March 7, 2007

I've successfully germinated Coleus but since the seeds were so tiny, and I had so many, I sowed them via HOS.

Has anyone had success planting out chunks of coleus? The seedlings are so tiny, I just won't have the patience to break them up individually. I have about 24 good sized hunks, which I can split - and I don't need 50 coleus plants anyway!

Thanks -


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I've done it! I've used the hunks to edge a walkway along the northside of my house. They are quite miniscule at first, but they do grow and are just lovely throughout the rest of the season. They start becoming noticable once they are over four or five inches tall. You need to pinch their tips at that height or they get a bit lanky--they do respond well to pinching and stay bushier that way.

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Thanks, trudi - I have an area that is mostly shady and since I've always loved coleus there - I am saving a huge amount of money by growing my own - Thanks again


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What's the secret to WSing Coleus in Z5? I think I did them late last year (April), and got zero germination.

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I cheated this year. For the first time, I put my coleus seeds in styrofoam cups in a plastic blanket bag with it zipped all the way except for an inch... and then put the cups by a morning sunny window. They germinated in less than a week. They are now sitting outside with the rest of my containers but I am careful with them in case there's a frost - then they go in. They look great. They need really warm soil to germinate, just like impatiens.


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When you pinch your coleus, stick the tips you pinch off in your soil, they root nicely into extra plants.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I did the HOS with coleus last year. I was gone for a month and when I came home there were several nice sized coleus growing in each hunk so using my trowel I took one or two out of the hunk and planted them elsewhere.

Also planted my impatiens as HOS which made a lovely massed bed that stayed nice into the late fall.


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Thanks, Carrie- I'll def try that.

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MM, Try WSing your coleus just as winter is breaking. They are a tender annual, quite sub-tropical, and seem to detest deep freezes, but the seeds can take some drops down into the high 20's.

The seedlings are (from what I've observed) tolerant of a light frost when in their containers. If you've got late winter WS germination of coleus, but will experience a night dip below 30 degrees, I wouldn't hesistate to toss a blanket over the top of the container or even put them in a cold mudroom for the night.


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mary4b(4b WI)

Carrie, how are your coleus doing? I'm intrigued by the way you cheated...I have a nice upstairs window facing east....can you tell me how you did that blanket bag set up? Did you put the cups on a tray inside the blanket bag so that you could under water them? Sounds like a good idea...I have quite a few coleus seeds, so I wouldn't mind doing an experience...some inside and some outside...

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Maryb - - Here's what I did. First of all, the window I put the shoebox of seeds in the bag only has sun in the morning - the rest of the day, no sun.

Okay, I found an old plastic shoebox (no holes in bottom, just a regular shoebox)... I put six large styrofoam cups (with holes in them from a barbeque skewer - so easy to do)
in the shoe box with wet potting mix and coleus seeds surface sown. I put the shoebox in a plastic blanket bag and zipped it up, but left about a couple of inches for ventilation. I probably should have put holes in the bag, but I carefully watched the bag for any dampness that may have caused a problem and luckily, I didn't have any. I would suggest, though, putting a few holes in the bag. Anyway, I just left it and a few days later (because of the morning sun) they germinated. I did plant them out way too early, but dug them up right before that horrible 25 degrees. They are now in a dirt container outside waiting to find a home. Hope that helps... Carrie (PS Remember, as soon as they germinated and the temps were above freezing, I quickly put them outside with the rest of the seedlings, but was careful they never were out below 32 - they are fine, strong as ever).

Good luck


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I did my coleus in a Parks Seed Bio Dome - I germinated them in the house but moved them to the screened in porch immediately to give them the WS atmosphere. Since I have up to 10 little seedlings in each little cell will it still be OK to plant out each cell like that - I have 60 cells and they ALL germinated.....


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Bringing this thread back. I'm thinking of growing coleus. If I wsow them, should I wsow them April or late May in my area?

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

April, I'd guess.

I only WSed them once and they germinated really late. I don't remember when I sowed them. And they're slow starters, don't put on much size for a long time. They didn't look like much until August.

They do need lots of warmth to germinate. I started some under lights this year with bottom heat.

If you have any place in the house to do it, you can start cuttings and over winter them in the house. They're really easy from cuttings.


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Like this post.

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