The seed display got me

katy_bug(z8a GA)March 4, 2013

I thought I was done and then just couldn't resist the display. Looks like I have more annuals to sow...

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

It's inevitable. :)

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I know the feeling. This is my first year winter sowing and I'm already addicted. I already have 75 containers and I have about 30 more packets to sow since I just HAD to have a few more varieties. I'm running out of containers and am considering parking next to the bottle return machines and pay people for their 2 litre bottles! Yep, I'm addicted too.

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Another addict here. Fifty-five tubs and growing.

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I try and walk very fast past the garden section....Must not look....

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I bought like $30 of seeds today, like I need more seeds. They should create a "Seed Anonymous" group. I just feel empowered when I get them! I really enjoy seeing sprouts!

I need more gardening space.

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Hard to stay away from seeds, I sent DH to the feed store for dog food and asked him to look for Green Dragon Cucumber seeds and Kale, he called me from the store to see if I needed anything else....I said what do they have? He said lots (big mistake lol) I said maybe I should stop there......he said they close at noon, it was 5 of)....I heard the ladies in the backround saying we are open til 5!!!!!!!!!!! Well you know the rest of the story........I made some new friends and walked out with more seed than I need. The ladies told me to come back real soon as they have never seen anyone get so excited over have been that squeal I let out when I found seed for Luffa Gourds, lol! ladyrose, I am a proud member of Seeds Anonymous!!!!!!

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So funny! My family calls me a plant hoarder. Last year the house was filled with little seedlings trying to grow and yet I still came home with more plants for the garden... I just didn't have time to try to grow them from seeds, they were on sale,or they were just pretty/interesting. Good thing there's lots of hiding spots in the yard.

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I'm right there with your guys! I have almost 300 jugs planted already and have another 150 annuals/herbs/veg to sow in the next month and still went online to and ordered more. Has anyone ever grown Purple Tansy Fiddleneck? It looked so neat in the pics I had to try it, that pack and 15 more....

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gumneck 7A Virginia

The display got me too--at Kroger ( grocery store) The have Burpee seeds 10 packs for $10. I got summer squash, radish, cosmos, alyssum and echinacea to add to my seed stash. Many of my containers are sprouting and I try to add a few more every week.

On another note, anybody ever bought a pack of seeds and open it to find it completely empty. That happened to me about a month ago. Too far to drive to get refund on a $2 or $3 pack of seed, but now I shake every little packet to make sure something is in it!

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Just this past Saturday I was at Lowe's and HD and bought 5 packs of seeds at each place. I got Love Lies Bleeding, Verbena, Poppies, Cosmos, Texas Bluebells, Impatiens, two types of Marigolds, Calendula and Phlox. All are Burpee except for the Verbena (they're Ferry Morse).

Not to mention I just got more seeds in the mail today from a trade. Three are perennials and I'm wondering if it's too late to plant them (Carolina Allspice Bush "Athens", Blackberry Lily, and Swamp Milkweed "Soulmate").

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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pghgardengirl(6b SW PA)

I am going to put mine in a damp paper towel in a zip lock in the fridge until mid-May, which should just about be the last frost date. check out this site: I learned a lot on the FAQs.

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