removing hedges around an oak

LiteSpeedAugust 1, 2013

I have a beautiful coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) about 24" in diameter that is currently surrounded by out of control juniper hedges and a few star jasmine bushes.

I would estimate the drip line to be about 30 feet in diameter. Most of the unwanted hedges are beneath the drip line of the desired oak.

These juniper hedges trunks are from 10 to 16" in diameter. After limbing the hedges, how do you sugggest removing or properly killing the junipers without damaging the oak?

I want to pull them out like I've done before with a chain around the roots and trunk and my vehicle but I fear I will do damage to the oak's root system.

Thanks for you input in advance.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are thinking all wrong..

cut the the ground.. and be done with it..

why do they need to be pulled out????

once cut to the ground.. they will be dead.. no need to even treat the stumps ...

i know you love your vehicle.. but you dont need it for this job ...

you are really doing a tim taylor MORE POWER thought.. rather than the easy way ...


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Thanks! That makes it much easier! I've just heard / read that if you don't remove the roots of these buggars, they grow back. But, I'm happy to just cut the stumps to the ground. I'd rather NOT use the vehicle honestly; I'd much rather her just pull the boat.

Why take them out? I don't like juniper or star jasmine. I want to see the oak and maybe some low-lying, small plants supporting the architecture of the oak not competing with it. Which is what these 'weeds' are doing.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am relying on YOUR ID ...

if it is not a juniper... or one i am not familiar with.... then they might reflush.... i dont even know where you are.. or if you grow some weirdo derivation of J ....

but i doubt it ...

i have no experience with star jasmine ...

but if i wanted to insure a plant dies .. cut to the ground dies.. i would use the very expensive applicator at the link .. and use 100% [41%] round up on the cambian layer.. which is the green ring just below the bark ... 99% kill rate ... and very little actual use ... and anything that pops back up.. one snip.. and one drop.. to continue toward death ...


Here is a link that might be useful: brand doesnt matter.. its the precise flow that is the trick .... return unused product to origianl properly labeled container ....

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Ken's post says cambian layer, it is cambium layer. I think so anyway.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i missed the rule on spelling.. lol....

thx poaky


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If they were yews, yes, they would grow back. Junipers won't. Even if they did begin to reflush, you could treat the stumps, but my (educated) guess is they will be dead once you cut them to the ground.

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I just had to remove a honeysuckle shrub under a pin oak. One of the scentless, invasive ones. I put compost on top and put a heavy garbage bag on top. So far so good, it's been over a month. Hope that helps.

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