Mold and snail bait

katy_bug(z8a GA)March 15, 2013

I put some snail bait out when I started seeing sprouts a couple of weeks ago like I always do and the bait is now molding like crazy. I am worried because actually invested in a lot of wave petunias. Do any of you have this? You spray or anything?

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

I usually have a 2-3 week window between slug season and frog season, its annoying, my poor hostas take a hit, but I dont put anything out, becuase I know the frogs and toads take care of it.

If you really dont have frogs and toads, you may have to consider some sort of control, I have to spray poision on my lilliums early (within a month of regrowth , or I lose them to red asian beatles, who also borrow into the leaves, so its impossible to get them out without killing the plant) Last year I also had to spray for rose slugs, when I sprayed my quandra becuase of a infestation, there were literally thousands that fell off, covered the immiediate ground with them.. disgusting.

I dont recommend spraying wholesale poision, but I do understand the need for it at times. There are going to be people on here who will screem "never" but alot of those same people do not have wholesale issues, a few invasives totally will destory a garden, without any intervention, it would be impossible to garden.

I always try to limit what I spray and how often, Ive had to modify my gardening style at times to limit it, I no longer buy modern roses, just Once blooming antiques, that are mostly done by July , before the JBs can devour most of them. I dont spray my roses any more, but If I had just modern rebloomers, I would have to.

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