Sprout Report For Last Couple Weeks

ladygladys(z5b/6a NEPA)April 13, 2014

Hey all! Here is a total so far of what has sprouted for me in the last couple weeks.
Oriental Poppy
Scabiosa Issac House
Lupine Russell
Hollyhocks Indian Spring
Yarrow Pastel Mix
Iceland Poppy
Greek Oregano
Black Pansy
Maltese Cross
Pyrethrum Daisy
Cupids Dart Alba
English Daisy
Pansy Swiss Giants
Purple Coneflower
Gloriosa Daisy

Shirley Poppy
Peony Poppy
Alyssum Carpet of Snow
Painted Daisy
Livingstone Daisy
Red Flax
Sweet Sultan
Pepperbox Poppy
Hens & Chicks Poppy
Texas Bluebonnets
Lupine Pixie Delight
Swan River Daisy

Buttercrunch Lettuce
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

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Wow! Good list :)

Oooo I just looked up annual Catchfly....NICE! I only have the perennial Lychnis that stays green all winter and blooms in spring. I believe it's called German Catchfly. Also Snaps are perennial here (most of the time), but were definitely perennial in my zone 5b-6a Eastern WA gardens where they were mulched....got bigger and better each year :)


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terrene(5b MA)

Wow! Long list.

I am happy to say that even though I started sowing late this year, I am finally getting lots of sprouts.

My sweet alyssum sprouted in less than a week!

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ladygladys(z5b/6a NEPA)

Vera, I did have a snapdragon that came back every year but I think it is not coming back this year due to the harsh winter we had. I did not notice any new growth when I cut the old stalk earlier this week.

Terrene, wow less than a week is impressive! I love alyssum they are so cheery and have such a nice fragrance to them.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Ladygladys, do you think you lost anything else to the winter? I think I lost my lupine, some young hollyhock and malva -- no signs of them in the garden yet and they're usually sprouting by now. Can perennials rot? From Dec. 1 - March 17 we didn't go a week without snow, usually a few inches or more each time. Worst winter I can remember.

I'm resowing all of them, but that means another full year before blooms. :(


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ladygladys(z5b/6a NEPA)

Caryltoo, so far it looks like just the Snapdragons and a Foxglove that never bloomed for me after 2 years. Thank goodness the babies I wintersowed in 2012/2013 made it through! My hollyhocks did not survive summer because they were weevil infested along with rust. I hope they survive this time around.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

I lost some perennials that I planted last year - Red Gaillardia which I LOVE, and a rudbeckia.
I hope I can find them locally and replace.
The Rosemarys didn't make it, but that was expected.
Thyme and Sage made it. I had a Russian sage in a pot, which I was just about to toss, when I noticed signs of life, and now it is doing great.
I also had a butterfly bush in a pot, which I think is gone.

Not sure yet, but it looks like my blue Salvia perennials are not coming back. :(
I've got seeds, but it's sad to lose perennials, now shall have to wait at least a year until they reach their glory.

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