Leaves turning yellow already?

Steph.in.New.York(6B)August 4, 2013

Our very large, very old (presumeably) Tulip tree is shedding leaves, enough that they have to be swept up -- NOW, in early August. I have no experience with Tulip trees at all and find this very disconcerting. Is it sick?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. The tree does have a load of English Ivy vines growing straight up (not encircling.) Opinions seem all over the map on whether vines harm trees. Thalassa Cruso, my gardening guru, says this view has been "discredited" and I found a forestry book that said the same thing, but most people on this site seem to think they are harmful. Hedging our bets, we have cut all the vines so they will die.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i had a very late freeze ... with what appeared to be little damage..

and i too have noticed some INTERIOR yellowing on my cherry ...

and this is the time of year that plants like conifers.. shed the old needles.. again the oldest interior ones ...

w/o a pic it hard to give you any real info on yours...

but august is the time for random yellowing.. from any of a myriad of cultural stressors ... drought.. intense heat.. excess water.. etc ...

as to PI ... kill it ... its not really an issue of it collapsing a large tree.. in my world anyway ... its about the birds spreading your bad plant ... whether or not you might appreciate it.. perhaps the neighbor down the road has a hate on for you and it due to a sever allergy ..... for allowing the birds to plant it for miles around ...

i bet that is a different way for you to think about .. is your responsibility to the plant.. greater than your responsibility to your neighbors ??? .. i tend toward protecting mankind ....


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No, the vines are definitely not poison ivy. I've been studying the difference; they are English ivy which grows EVERYWHERE in this part of New York. It is harmless but very, very aggressive

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

forgive me.. i am sober.. and have no clue.. how i read in.. PI ... lol...

consider that rant deleted ...


ps: i have a hard time.. saying that something that GROWS EVERYWHERE is harmless.. but i already wasted one rant.. so i will demure on this one.. lol ... is it actually planted purposefully everywhere... or is it self sowing itself everywhere.. OMG.. i cant seem to help myself.... lol... things that appear 'everywhere' .. i tend to find the latin name.. and check invasive species lists... but i will stop here.. have a great day ....

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