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vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)April 18, 2009

Something new is sprouting everyday now! This weekend we are supposed to hit 79-80F and dry. Hopefully the area I'm digging in for the new bed will get a chance to dry out some from all the rain lately; I'd like to start planting in it pretty quickly!

Today's sprouts are: Abelmoschus manihot, Impatiens balsamina and Nicotiana alata.

Pictures from April 16th and 17th

Cynoglossum amabile

Venidium fastuosum from 'Jaffa Ice'. Seedlings from 'Jaffa Ice' did come true I found out from self-sown seedlings last year :)

Snapdragon 'Night and Day'. It appears that all but a few of my 4 year old Snapdragon finally kicked the bucket this year. This winter got exceptionally cold for just a short time, but long enough to kill them; even with the heavy snow cover. Normally our snow is here on day and gone the next

Schizanthus AKA Poor Man's Orchid. These seedlings are hardier than I expected. So far they've been just fine with a few heavy frosts and a dip or two down to 29F

Oregon Sugar Pod II. Getting planted out tomorrow. I noticed that the peas that I direct sowed on 3/21 started germinating over the same few days as these ones sown on 3/30. Germination started on 4/10 and all 12 peas in (2) 6-celled pony packs are up....peas continue to germinate in the garden though. We're gonna have peas coming out of our ears LOL!

Turnip '7 Top'

Mustard 'Florida Broadleaf'

Linaria maroccana. These seeds were harvested in 2006 from self-sown 'Northern Lights' and do come true. I love the pretty little bi-colored pastel snapdragon-like blooms. They love cool weather and will re-bloom if cut back by half.

A no-name generic Romaine Lettuce and one called 'Salad Bowl'. I don't even remember where I bought these seed but could be walmart; all I know is that I've been using these seed for the last 6 years LOL!

Kohlrabi 'White Vienna' and 'Purple Vienna'




Poppy 'Lauren's Grape'.

Matthiola incana 'Giant Imperial'


German Catchfly


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Oh so pretty vera. I can't wait to see the lovely flowers blooming their little hearts out in your garden.


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nice sprouts!!

The rubarb one is so cute.

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PVick(6b NYC)

Nice, Vera! Interesting that all the brassica seedlings look alike, it seems - your turnip, mustard and kohlrabi seedlings look just like my cauliflower.


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Looking good Vera!!

You mention the snapdragons... I sowed more but yesterday I went to clean out one of the flower beds and pulled an old Snap out of the ground. Lots of resistance and when I had the roots I noticed they were still nice and plump. I'm leaving the others in to see if anything will come of them. Just trimming the tops today. We'll see.

I have no sprouts of the Nicotiana. Always thought they sprouted early, but your experience shows me that's not true, so I'll wait a bit more.

Turnip... We grew some last year as they are a favourite of DD's, but when we pulled them from the ground they had little holes made by insects in them. Yuck! Any idea? Couldn't eat them.

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

great pics Vera you reminded me I have planted no snaps. Must get on that.


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