Winter Sow Carnations? Dianthus caryophyllus

ladyrose65April 12, 2014

Has anyone Winter Sowed Carnations in Zone 6 or below? If you have seeds on top or cover seeds? I'm using a water jug should I use something heavier like Styrofoam cups?

I think of Carnations as a greenhouse plant. I wonder how they come out from Winter Sowing or Spring Sowing (in this case)?

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I don't know if this is any help - I haven't sown this particular variety, but I have WS'n various kinds of diathus and they do well.


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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

I've done carnations. They sprout just fine. It's getting their delicate little selves to bloom without being trampled in the garden either by me or the marauding dogs that's been my problem. And while I'm technically zone 7 (I think my zip is the only one in this part of PA that's 7) our weather is really more 6-like, especially this year.


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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

I am zone 5 and I have successfully done Carnations a few times

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