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bellarosa(z5/IL)October 8, 2013

My hubby bought me a gazebo for my birthday. I'd like to add three climbing hardy roses. I have two already - Rambling red and Rosarium Uetersen. Actually, I don't know if rosarium Uetersen is hardy enough in my zone. Anyone know? I'm in zone 4/5. Also, I would appreciate a suggestion for a pink hardy climber. I already have "John Davis", but would like to try something else. Any Kordes climbing roses that someone can suggest? Thanks much!

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Hi Bellarosa

Sounds like a great birthday present - kudos to your husband for a very thoughtful gift! With what you have, you should be in good shape for starters - Rosarium Uetersen is fully cane hardy in my zone 5 and should be fine for you somewhat colder than that.

A great pink climber, if you want a lighter pink, would be Aloha. It's bulletproof, fragrant, reliably hardy, good reblooming, and pretty tall. I keep mine clipped in a sort of freestanding tower at around 7 feet, and its canes are stiff (so plan for it on your arch), but it would climb higher if you let it. Another Kordes I have is Harlekin, which is white with pink edges, or Antique 89, which is supposedly the same but looks more pink to my eye. Neither reblooms as much as Aloha, but they're hardy and I like the blooms when they're there. They would be a nice counterpart to the other dark pinks/crimsons you have already.

Another climber I have on my back arch is Madame Caroline Testout, cl., who is easily 10 feet tall and reblooms sporadically but not prolifically all season. She has very stiff canes, but she's entirely cane hardy for me, and she clearly wants to climb and puts out a lot of laterals all the time. Some other medium pink climbers that are resolutely hardy for me and should be for you too, all of whom have much more flexible canes include Nahema (very double fragrant Delbard), Blossomtime (looser pink double bloom), and Compassion (double blooms that edge a little toward peachy-pink for me in cooler weather, reliable rebloomer).

I'm sure others will chime in with more ideas, but those are some suggestions to start with.


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I have Harlekin and Nahema in our zone and they do very well for me also. I think our Harlekin would be very pretty with an existing crimson.
Three Weddings is beautiful in our zone, but not great on rebloom. I also love my climbing Abe Darby and SDLM.

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

Throwing in a non-rose climber that you may like for your gazebo, I'd suggest you look into the wisteria 'Blue Moon'. It's a cultivar of one of our native species of wisteria, so no worries about it taking over (or possibly not even being winter-hardy) for you. It also reblooms lightly and intermittently. It might make a nice complimentary climbing companion to whatever roses you select.

Some clematis might be a good idea as well -- many offer blooms during the Summer when many climbing roses aren't doing much.



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