Coordinating Distant Drums

ratdogheads(5b NH)October 4, 2013

I'm looking for ideas - anyone who grows Distant Drums, could you tell me what you have growing next to it? I'm trying to coordinate not just the flower but the whole plant - foliage, size, complimentary shrub shape etc. Winter hardy is a must.


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Campanula UK Z8

Can look rather good with some of the ornamental grasses, hooksedges such as uncinia rubra and (my favourite) bupleurum longifolia bronze beauty. Also, some of the euphorbias.

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terryjean(5 Central IL)

I have two large roses that frame 'Distant Drums' and enhance the beautiful muted colors....they are 'Country Dancer', a pink Buck shrub and 'Magenta', a lavender floribunda. Both get about 5-6' tall, bloom about the same time as 'Distant Drums'. At 'Distant Drums' feet are pink Veronica.

All are winter-hardy here without protection; however, I did find that 'DD' had to be grown as a grafted plant rather than own-root...tried 3 times because it would not make it through the winter due to tenderness issues.

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seil zone 6b MI

Since Distant Drum's colors are rather neutral I think it would go with just about anything. It really depends more on what kind of look you want. Are you into something bright and cheerful or something more subtle and muted? How long have you had DD? Do you know how big it's going to get yet?

I love my Quietness, It blooms a lot, is very hardy and healthy too. It's nice soft pink would be lovely with DD. But it can get pretty large for me so I don't know how big it might get for you.

Winter Sunset is good too. It's a lovely golden peach color and generally stay much smaller than Quietness.

Something brighter might be Julia Child's yellow. Healthy, hardy and blooms a ton! Grows to about 3 X 3 ft for me.

Mauve might be a good choice too. My Love Song did beautifully this season but I haven't wintered it yet so I can't give you any info on that.

If you want something in a similar color look at Koko Loco. I was at my rose society meeting last night and everyone who had it agreed that it was a good rose for them. Hardy and blooms a lot with fair disease resistance.

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Z 7a E Tn

Just wanted to comment on this. I already have Distant Drums and wanted something to act as a bridge between it and a bright yellow rose, Sunsprite. I chose White Licorice (although I haven't ordered it yet). These roses are somewhat similar in size and habit. They even have similar fragrance. Then I happened to look up White Licorice on HMF. I had to laugh at myself because of its parentage:
Sunsprite x Distant Drums
(or is it Distant Drums x Sunsprite?)
I guess the proverbial acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
BTW I think that you might be happy with either one of these, depending on what you're going for.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It was a tall somewhat narrow grower here on Huey. It had beautiful foliage.

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Z 7a E Tn

Oops, my bad. Turns out white licorice is:
Distant Drums x Singin' in the Rain

Now I wonder what rose was Distant Drums x Sunsprite? Maybe i dreamt it.

Anyway, sorry for the misinformation. It would still be pretty with Distant Drums.

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ratdogheads(5b NH)

Thanks for the suggestions, many good ideas. My DD is new this year. It's grafted and is about 3 1/2' tall and is a vigorous grower. I bought it for the love of the color and just stuck it into a new empty bed. My dilemma is that I'd like to fill that bed with OGRs and possibly Austins. I just don't see DD fitting in with it's upright growth and shiny foliage. So I have some rearranging to do. I have a bed with modern roses that is red/yellow/orange and I'm thinking I could expand that and use DD as a transition to mauve and purple. It's tough to get a good sense of the shape of a rose bush based on online information.

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