Elm and Japanese maple problems

maninthemiddleAugust 11, 2014

Wondering if anyone can maybe help figure out my issues. I suddenly had very large elm tree that filled out perfectly in the spring have all it's leaves brown and drop. Also appears that the bark is now falling off

As well in the front I have a Japanese maple which also bloomed perfect I. The spring but is slowly haveing it's leaves die off. The maple has been there almost 6 years now with no issues. I had a cut leave Japanese near by die off a few years before I planted this one. I have a large walnut tree that I think may be the issue ??? If there something I can look for to try to save the maple ? Pretty sure I'm out of luck on the elm.
I'm located in southern Ontario.
Thanks in advance

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Were your winter low temperatures considerably colder than usual? It does happen that plants suffer severe but hard to detect injury due to cold, leaf out and grow normally in the spring only to succumb over the summer. Late July and August are the months this most commonly becomes apparent. The fact that the bark is falling off is also typical of this phenomenon and is likely to happen with the maple as well as the elm. Sad to say, there is nothing you can do if the above is undeed the source of your difficulties.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

we can go no further than that stated above.. w/o some pix ...


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