Can rudbeckia seedlings handle light frosts?

gardenerzone4(5b)April 7, 2012

I have a bunch of annual rudbeckia seedlings (Indian Summer, Tiger Eye, Prairie Sun, Cherockee Sunset, Maya) that have already been planted out. We're anticipating a light frost this coming Monday and Tuesday (to 34 degrees). Will the rudbeckia seedlings be able to withstand light frosts? My experience is that petunias are able to withstand frosts, though they are annuals, so I'm hoping that the same is true of the rudbeckias. (In fact, last fall my petunias continued blooming even when the nighttime temperatures briefly dipped into the 20s for weeks.)

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Good question. I would guess yes since my older ones are up in the garden already, but i have no idea about new sprouts. I've been covering everything with a tarp just in case, but I'm not brave enough to have planted out anything but lettuce and other cole veggies in our zone. Last frost date is still a month away.

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They will be fine.---

Don't worry-Be happy.

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I've planted a bunch of seedlings last weekend, including rudbeckias. We had two nights with frost. Just checked all my "babies", all are doing fine. I even planted some Tithonia and they survived (mostly, some got hit). But that was quite protected spot. Last weekend, I have planted already a lot. I'm not trying to beat any records. This weather mixed everything. I should be be planting first weeks of May. But everything is growing so fast and getting out of containers. In the second week of April, I have three trips, so I'm thinking, at least if I'll put most of the plants into the groung before, they'll have a better chance to survive then in overcrowded containers. I'm not going to plant zinnias or cosmos, or other very sensitive ones. I hope, I can trust my DH to take care of a few containers, but, definitevely, I can not trust him with all. So, I'm sitting now and checking all sites with weather... there will be again a few nights this week with low 30s. Therefore, to plant or not to plant, this is a question....

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)


I would place tithonia in the same category as zins.

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