Crape/Crepe Myrtle : Deepest red flower?

effdeeveeAugust 8, 2008

Dear Forum Members:

I need your help.

Looking for a Crape Myrtle with a very deep-red flower, WITHOUT any hint of the hideous magenta/fuchsia/pink tones. I want a variety that can produce a large, upright tree, grows fast, is disease/mildew resistant, and not predisposed to produce off-color, or fading flowers if the weather gets dark. A tree with good genetics. It will be grown in full-sun, all year, and, will get plently of air circulation. Must also be hardy. (This area of the Bronx is loaded with "Pink-Velour" trees, and they seem to do very well in this zone).

I'm thinking of: "Dynamite" ... "Red Rocket" ..."Carolina Red" ...."Country Red". Not "Dallas Red", or, "Arapaho" ... too magenta-ish for my taste. All listings for the above varieties say these are "true reds",... "blood-red flowers" ..."vibrant, true, bright-red" ... "cherry-red" ... blah, blah, blah, ... yadda, yadda, yadda. I've been buying plants long enough to know color descriptions aint worth a flyin' _ _ _ _ !!!!!!

Of course culture and growing areas have a lot to do with how a flower looks, but you guys have experience with these plants, so what's the "real deal" with the red crape myrtles?

Again, please, I need a honest, fully saturated, deep, dark, smoldering, vibrant, blood-red colored flower.

Please advise. I want to place any order within the next few days.

Thanks for all your input and suggestions.

Cordially yours, Frank DV

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I would say that 'Dynamite' is probably the reddest/darkest, with 'Red Rocket' a close second. I haven't seen 'Carolina Red' growing, only photos, so can't say, and I THINK, if my memory is right, that 'Country Red' can be a little pink/magenta. Be aware that both 'Dynamite' and 'Red Rocket' can throw, especially early on, a few pinkish or white and red flowers, but the over all impression is dark red, especially from a distance. The flowers do fade a little with age, so the oldest panicles may be a bit less dark red than the newest ones. Both of the last two, on a good sized tree that has been in the ground for a few years, are head-turning!

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stompede(z7 VA)

I would stick with Dynamite. There are deeper reds, but they are smaller growers (Siren, 'Victor', and 'Cedar Lane'). Red Rocket would be a close second. Despite it not being red enough for you, 'Arapaho' is my favorite tree red. It's very mildew resistant, while Dynamite and Red Rocket are moderately resistant (It's extremely hard to go through a summer down here without getting powdery mildew on these two cultivars). Also, I hear many landscapers and nurseries further north are a bit disappointed in the performance of some of these cultivars such as Dynamite, Red Rocket, Burgundy Cotton, Pink Velour, and Raspberry Sundae (Siren, 'Centennial Spirit', Tightwad, and Rhapsody in Pink are fine). Cooler temps and more frequent cloudiness and/or rain in the summer translates to flowering inconsistencies such as Dynamite coming out pink or a few buds white, and Burgundy Cotton coming out pink.

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Personally, I prefer the magenta ones to those God awful, gaudy red ones. :) I live in North Jersey and see quite a few very red ones (sans magenta/pink)--sorry, don't know the variety, but they ARE out there and do quite well around here.

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Many thanks to all who responded with their respective opinions, advice, and observations, regarding my request for the reddist coloration within the crape myrtle cultivars.

"Dynamite" seems to be the easiest variety to purchase in the Lower Westchester area. I wish nurseries would stock more than one variety, so that some flower color comparisons can be directly made, but, in this neck of the woods, it's very difficult to find anything remotely "new" or "improved", and I see the same old crap being sold, year after year. When I ask about red-flowering crape myrtles, they point to plants marked "Pink Velour" and tell me that these ARE the red crape myrtles! I can't get a brake!

Anyway thanks for all the advice. I appreciate all the input that you've given to my query.

Frank DV, from Da-Bronx

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I have Dynamite and it is quite deep red, no fuchsia that I can tell.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I installed a 'Dynamite' at my work place and it seems to get aphids really bad every year. But the one at home is just fine. Go figure. We also have a 'Siren Red' and this one seems to bloom earlier than 'Dynamite' -- for me anyway. We love it.

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Dear Members of this Forum:

Thanks for all the information and opinions.

A few of the above responses to my questions regarding the deepest, red flowered, crape/crepe myrtle left me with many doubts about ordering some of these plants.

My main concern is mildew, and, other diseases affecting/infecting some of the newer varieties like "DYNAMITE" and "RED ROCKET". Mostly all the descriptions that I've read re: these newer cultivars, say that they are ... "highly resistant to powdery mildew". Are they resistant, or, is this claim just a load of BS? Up here in the Bronx, I see plenty of crape myrtles growing ... probably the ubiquitous, "PINK VELOUR", (which I can't stomach!), and they seem to NOT be touched by mildew. So, are the new reds better or worse? I know, a tough question to answer, but give it your best guess, please.

Also, a concern, is the tendency for these cultivars to revert to ugly pinkish-red if the weather cools off, or gets overcast for any length of time. I've read that "SIREN RED" is more colorfast than "DYNAMITE" or "RED ROCKET". Any opinions? Are the flowers really a much deeper, red color than the above mentioned cultivars, or is the difference in color negligible? Does the "DYNAMITE" variety "settle down" after it ages a few years, and then, will it produce consistantly colorfast flowers, or is this lousy tendency to go pink or white, always just under the surface?

Hope these very specific questions aren't too boring, but I have no experience with these myrtles. None of the nurseries within a 50 mile radius carries anything but the old cultivars, if that, and when I ask questions about the stock they carry, I get the "look" ... you know, the look that says: "either buy somethin', or, get lost!"...

Anyway, thanks again for all the help. Frank DV

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stompede(z7 VA)

Siren and Raspberry Sundae seem to hold their color pretty well around here. Pink Velour does too to a certain extent. As long as we have hot, sunny weather Dynamite and Red Rocket have their best color. However, if the weather turns cooler and cloudy, you will see the pink and white enter the picture. I have noticed older plants do this as much as younger plants. In the grand scheme of crapemyrtles, these Dr. Whitcomb introductions are probably considered highly resistant to mildew. However, if you take out non-USNA-USDA intros then they are resistant. They can't stand up to 'Natchez', 'Arapaho', 'Muskogee', 'Lipan', etc. in mildew resistance. I will say they are slightly better than 'Catawba' and 'Hopi', the poorest resistance of the USNA intros in my opinion.

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Thank-you all for being so patient with all my questions, and giving me so much to think over. I have narrowed down my choices and I'll probably go with "ARAPAHO", - even though I'll have to learn how to live with the color.

None of the hideous, 'pepto-bismol' pinks, appeal to me at all, hate white, orchid, lavender, and, pastels. I've also considered "CATAWBA" ... until I read about the aphid and mildew problems associated with this cultivar. Also, a contender was "SIREN RED" but it's too small a tree. I was hoping for a good strong dark blue, or, deep purple. But these don't exist in the crape myrtle world. At least, not yet.

So, ... dozens of cultivars, but, most of them, for me, will not be considered.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Maybe Catawba has some issues with aphids, but I was lead to believe that that variety is mildew resistant. Anyway, thought I'd mention it. I have 2 Arapahos and love them. Unfortunately, they're still fairly small at 5', but growing at a good pace (just planted them last summer).

The one thing I like about crapes, besides all the colors of summer, is you can shape them and really control the wide and spreading or tall and upright growth patterns by some simple pruning, once I get comfortable with it.

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beng(z6 western MD)

'Catawba' here, exposed & at its cold-limit does OK -- winter dieback (75%) is more than 'Natchez', tho. The first year they all had some powdery mildew, but not a trace since, tho other nearby weeds & trees have it every year. I would call these a rather dark lavender color -- not red.

They're only about 4'x4' after 4 seasons.

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Dear Members:

I was totally confused over what selection to purchase, re: dark-red crape myrtles. Thanks to your input, I finally made a decision.

I finally ordered "ARAPAHO". I was told that the deep, red color of the flowers approached the color of "DYNAMITE". Almost the same, but the "ARAPAHO" leaves were larger, and glossier. I'm also expecting a variety called "ROYALTY", which is supposed to be a deep, violet-purple, ... deeper in color than "CATAWBA". I've never seen either of these plants, so, who knows? If I can't stomach the colors, I'll toss the plants! I was going to go with "DYNAMITE" but couldn't get used to the idea that the flowers might go pink and white under cloudy/cool conditions. "ARAPAHO" is supposed to be very resistant to mildew, which will probably be an issue up here. I plan to let these cuttings grow very tall, and then, braid all the single stems together into one, thicker "trunk" with branches spreading out from the top. In less than 5 years, the individual stems will fuse together. I think this is called, "approach-grafting" or, "pleaching". I'm going to try this with the crape myrtles.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the help. Frank DV

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Red Rocket, definitely! I know what you mean by getting a true red, I've had the same problem when I ask and people point me to something with pink/fuscia tones in bothers me too.... My base and favorite garden color is RED, TRUE red. I have two red rockets, and they are definitely TRUE red! Although, I've had problems with powdery mildew with them. I did research on the reddest crape myrtles and obtained info. on Arapahos. They are supposed to be mildew resistant. I've planted 6 small babies since then and hopefully, will have a back yard bordered with beautiful red blooms in the years to come.

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I have just planted a Siren Red and was told it would get 20ft. After reading about the tree it only grows 12ft. Does anyone have a Siren Red that can help me out?

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I hate to burst your bubble, but "ARAPHO" definately has some pink shades mixed in and is not that deep, smoldering, black-cherry red that I'm looking for.

I have seen the red crape myrtle that I want, but unfortunately, the tree was growing in someone's side yard. I knocked on the door and was "greeted" by a man who seemed quite annoyed that I had the cajones to ring his bell and ask what kind of crape-myrtle was growing in his yard. He barely told me that he didn't know, and that the crape-myrtle was already planted in the yard when he bought the house, ... then he closed the door in my face. A real charmer! If he had been friendlier, I would have asked him if I could take some dormant-wood cuttings, in exchange for a nice bottle of wine, but since he had such a miserable attitude, I just left. I may have to make a "mid-night cutting trip".

Anyway, this large shrub has the deepest, almost black-red flowers that I have ever seen. So deep-red that in the shadows, the panicles look like they're coated with soot. This is the red I want, ... but I have no idea what variety I'm looking at. Pictures of "SIREN RED" come the closest to the plant that I have seen. I also have noticed that there were a few white flowers deep in some panicles. Maybe this is a clue. "SIREN RED" is supposed to be colorfast.

Hope someone can offer some help, or, correctly identify the plant that I am describing. I'm still looking for a real deep red. I don't think "ARAPAHO" is going to spin my wheels ... too magenta-pink for me.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Concerning your request of an upright "tree like" Crape I can speak in reference to the one Dynamite I have.

Keep in mind I have decided to let it grow "naturally", but the darned thing is a large shrub. Has six, maybe eight trunks. Nothing like traditional "tree shape".

Now I'm slightly outside St. Louis City in an area with less concrete than typical so maybe I'm a cold zone 6 so who knows, I only know that one Crape well.

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Hi, all, and Frank,

I am novice to Crape Mytle. I recently did lot of homework for the "true red", or "deepest red" CMs because I want to plant this lovely tree.

It is hard for me to make a decision between "DYNAMITE" and ARAPAHO" since I got confused by the descriptions and the pictures of these two red varieties.

Finally I found what I am (we are) looking for is a "red" we like the most and most of us will like the most.
"Red", "true red", or "deepest red" are just optical terms measured by light spectrum...

Looking from far away (pictures only, go to the website and see the pics), I like the "DYNAMITE" better because its redness is deeper than ARAPAHO (

However, if I take a closer look, I prefer ARAPAHO. ( go to this website, and enlarge the pics). My naked eyes can't tell the difference of the redness between these two cultivars. I like the tan color of ARAPAHO bark. It gives you a "CLASSICAL" feeling.

I have ordered ARAPAHO already (my birthday gift)and won't change my mind (DYNAMITE, or ARAPAHO...LOL) If I like ARAPAHO, I will get DYNAMITE definitely. If not, I will forget about DYNAMITE. LOL...

I see here most of the people recommend DYNAMITE. I fully understand that. First, DYNAMITE is a older variety compared with ARAPAHO. So most of the people have it. Second, it is really deeper red compared to ARAPAHO. However, I also remember one of the people here said "I would be surprised if you don't like the color of ARAPAHO, when your tree get established. It means that the redness of ARAPAHO is very pleasant. At least to me from the pics, I like it very much.

Frank, how is your ARAPAHO doing? I am still waiting for the shipment. Very excited and can't wait...

I still want to hear from all of you about your opinion on"REDNESS" of the CMs.

Happy planting and having fun!


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I ordered some small, 3 ft. rooted cuttings of "ARAPAHO" this season, and when the treelets arrived, some still had small panicles of flowers. "ARAPAHO" is NOT the same deep-red color as the CM that I saw growing in that guy's sideyard. Too bad, because now I have to continue my quest for the "mystery CM".

Thanks for all the input, and, happy growing.

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Hi, effdeevee,

I wouldn't worry about the color of my young tree now.

Here is what the experts said: "Because your trees are young, they may arrive with deep pink or fuchsia blooms. If this happens, don't worry. Your Arapahos will display bright red blooms the next summer."

Be happy with your ARAPAHO-CM.


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The most certain way to obtain the blooming color of Crape Myrtle you desire, is to purchase only ones, which you can see in person at the time of year when they are in fullest bloom.

This is due to so many of the Crape Myrtles having been mislabeled at one point or other during the course of time from when they have been cut and rooted, throughout all the handling and places they end up prior to their shipment to your local nursery.

Whenever you do get a mislabeled one, do not blame the nursery from where you purchased the CM. It usually happens that your local nursery was told they were being shipped what they ordered, and still the shipment of CMS could have confirming labels, but the CM could in fact be an entirely different cultivar.

The only way to know for certain is, to ahead of time, know how the colors on your selected cultivar are supposed to appear, to know ahead of time the growth habit of your desired cultivar, and to judge the truth of the CM's name labeling before you purchase it, by you own observations when the CM is in bloom.

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Hi, krina1,

I havn't got your point.

How can we know the exact color of the CM BEFORE we buy the tree, plant it, and wait till it blooms?

If the nursery labeled tree with wrong cultivar name and we get a wrong one.



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It's good to learn that my young "Arapaho" CMs might eventually turn a deeper red, sometime in the future. I'm 58 years old. I wanted a red CM yesterday !!!!!!

How/why a plant gets mislabeled, shouldn't be MY problem! The nursery should send back the plants if they are misidentified, and, if this trend continues, shouldn't do business with that grower. I do blame the nursery. I kind of learned the hard way about just what you're referring to, ... about mislabeled plants/shrubs/trees. This spring I informed a nursery owner that he had the wrong identification labels on some Magnolia trees. He gave me that, ... "Why-the - _ _ _ _ - are-you-bothering-me" look when I politely pointed out the error. A week later, out of curiousity, I dropped by to see if the labels were changed. The trees still had the incorrect labels on them. This told me that the owner doesn't give a "flyin' fig" about the plants he sells, or, the people who buy them. So, screw him! Who needs this kind of attitude! At every chance I get I tell people NOT to do business with this idiot. I like to patronize a local business when I can, but this guy shouldn't be in business.

You're right, ... buy plants that you can see. But what about mail-order? Do I need to send something back, at my expense, because of mislabeling?

It's the plant seller's obligation to keep track of what they sell.

That's my two cents worth. Maybe the Government will bail us out if our plants turn out mislabeled.


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Just be patient Frank. You may not get the wrong-labeled the tree. Your tree may be just too young to show the REAL RED color of ARAPAHO.
CM, especially ARAPAHO gows very fast (shooting up 3-5ft a year).
So you can expect the color you want next season.



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Thanks for the encouragement. I will await next years' buds to pop, and see what I've got. If I hate the flower color, I'll just give the plants away, and move on to the next "flavor-of-the-day".

Happy growing to all. Frank DV

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Hi, Frank,

Would you mind send me an email and let me know the name of the nursery you bought your CM from? So I will think it twice before I place an order from them in the future.


Wei (

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carole2759(9az usa)

Your original post: "WITHOUT any hint of the hideous magenta/fuchsia/pink tones".
Awh can you say "hideous"? That just ticked me off, really not necessary to be that severe. All of the colors are absolutely beautiful. It's your personal dislike of pink, noting else, and it doesn't make it hideous. I think you need to drink some calming tea if you are attacking innocent pink flowers like that! Is it all pink flowers, or just this one that you despise so much? ...There, I feel better now :-)

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

You'd think Frank had committed a mortal sin by just seeking a specific color! I think someone else needs some calming tea, or maybe some meds. LOL

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i have been researching these CMs for a couple months now and am glad I came upon this fourm...... i am hesitant to plant one (its between a dynamite or arapaho) because I live in Central Indiana and we can get some nasty winters, yet the feed back I've found, especially on the Arap. - they do o.k. planted just outside their "comfort zones." Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone have a nice thriving D or A CM in a cold zone 6 or even a 5?
I just want a nice red, just simple dimple RED, tree to accent my red door on my black and white brick home.....the yard is still pretty much a blank canvas and of all the research I've done these CMs seem to fit the bill aesthetically.......... I'm just worried about the zone!

Would love to hear your comments.....


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My Dynamites that I planted last summer did very well over the winter even though they were not well established yet.

I love the watermellon color of the Tuscarora (sp?) Cm. Only problem is that they do suffer winter kill when they are young and have fairly thin trunks. I have a friend where we planted a 9 foot tall Tuscarora in a featured front yard bed at her house. That was almost 4 years ago. The trunks were almost an inch thick and they have not had any winter kill with this 3 trunked tree. Their tree is ringed with white New Dawn climbing roses that they just keep pruned to stay in bounds within an outer ring of dwarf yaupon Holly shrubs.

In the late spring through fall the display of this white blooms covered base and the watermellon red CM blooms above, is stunning. Then the look changes to even more interest and beauty when the cm's red bloom petals begin to fall and land on the white bloom covered rose canes which are kept pruned to not climb the tree but instead simply to circle the lower third of the tree's trunks.

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Can I just say that I love Frank?! This has been great entertainment for me this afternoon! I purchased a Dynamite CM this spring and it is now blooming. I notice yellow buds in the middle of the red blooms, is this normal for a Dynamite? Also, I hope i didn't plant it too close to our back is only 2 feet from the stairs-wonder if the branches will eventually be hanging over the stairs making us 'duck' as we use the stairs. I just did not want to plant it out in the middle of the yard. Frank, I think you should take a picture of that CM you saw in that yard of the grumpy man-so funny! Some people don't get us tree lovers!!

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How about the Tonto?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Two feet from your stairs? Are you bonsai-ing it or something?

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I just found a Dynamite at Lowe's. It does show one or two white flowers amongst the deep blood red but these are not noticeable from a distance. Stunning, stunning tree.

I live on a corner and I put it in the backyard where it will be visible from the road. If I hear the sound of screeching brakes I'll know what it is.

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I have a Red Rocket that is about 7 years old ... I love the colour. I noticed a few white blooms amidst the really red and last summer it showed some of what I assume was the mildew folks talk about above.
However, when it started pushing growth this spring I saw that there was a tremendous amount of dead wood at the branch ends ... up to 2 or 3 feet. (We had unusually cold periods last winter followed by a really wet spring).
I cut it back and got tremendous blooms.
I'm wondering if I should prune the spent blooms now or wait and see if I get die-back next year.
I live east of Washington DC.

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I've spent an absurd amount of time searching for the deep red, no-hint-of-pink/magenta crape myrtles that you're talking about. i wrote to one internet nursery that responded their deepest red was dynamite, not arapahoe. dynamite grows taller, arapahoe grows faster. i also specifically asked about siren, because from what i see and hear it "appears" to be the deepest, but i want the big tree and it only grows to 12 ft. Please tell us if you find one! Here are some links I've found: (don't order from these people though! I've had a terrible time with these people, they are rude and un-helpful.)

The link at Fast Growing Trees is where I wrote and asked about the colors, and that is where i got the answer i mentioned above. i am thinking that i just need to wait to see the dam things bloom and purchase them while blooming, but i live in atlanta and it will be too hot i think to plant them then. i've also heard/read in several places that dynamite will be darker red the second year.

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My dynamite CM is true, deep red with NO pink at all!

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I just purchased a Dynamite to plant about 20 ft from my Arapaho. Does anyone think that they will clash? I hate planting it before blooming!

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I would move it to the backyard or something and plant the Dynamite. I just recently planted 3 Dynamites. I searched long and hard at Lowe's and Homedepot and couldn't find the right variety.
Don't be suckered in to the CM labled red ( not the same). I bought my 3 (1gallon) babies from a local nursery Humming Bird Gardens. I saw them in bloom and I was like WOW!! I finally found ya!!! I paid 15 dollars each. Looking foward to next years blooms:)

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My Dynamite has fat round buds all over it. This year's show is about to start.

When it first leafed out this year the foliage was dark red like that ornamental plum. That was a pleasant surprise!

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All the CM's should be in full bloom now. Which varieties do you feel have the deepest, truest red?

I have 2 white ones and a lilac one and I too am seeking a deep, red one for the front yard.


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My dynamite is red, red. If it were darker it wouldn't be red.

I walked under a crape today that was a deep wine red with rusty and green bark. A real traffic stopper. It smelled good too! I did not know there was a perfumy crape. I would love to know the cultivar.

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Read all the posts last year and bought Red Rocket, Dynamite and Siren Red mature trees each of 30 gl size and plated next to one another in late winter this year under Texas full sun. The comparisons I had were based on the first-round full blooms: 1, Red Rocket has the most bright red color with sticking effect. It really stood out and best be appreciated from distance like 30 feet away looking at the tree as a whole. If someone was telling me my tree is on fire, I knew he was not exaggerating too much. 2, Dynamite has the deepest red almost having a hint of black in it and the greater the distance, the darker it looked. Dynamite darker red might be less of a color excitement, yet I felt the color heaviness and I knew this was truly deep dark red. 3, Siren Red somehow had a fix of purple in it. It is red, but looked a little artificial. Again, above observations were based on the first-round full blooms. However, later on the blooms, all 3 trees had a little color verifications. To a degree, I could find the same red color in all 3 trees and each tree had different level of redness. As of this writing, it is still the case. My comments on true red CMs are go with Red Rocket if you like it to be exciting red and go with Dynamite for its heavy dark red. Or better have both.

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I found Red Rocket today and brought it home. Up close the flowers are cherry red. From a distance they have a slight purple tinge. I think it's the same kind I was drooling over last week!

It's going in the front yard on the corner (I live on a corner). So yummy looking!

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i would like to move several is now a good time ? late aug early sept ?

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Considering purchasing a Tonto or Siren Red for my front yard. I would like a tree, not a shrub. Does anyone have a mature Tonto or Siren Red? Do they grow to 10 or 12 feet?

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I have a red rocket in my back yard (and a Natchez white & unknown pink in the front). I really like its red color. My daughter just moved into a new development & wants a crepe since she had one in her old house. She saw my Red Rocket blooming yesterday & said, "That's the one I want, Dad." So, of course, being the doting father, Im looking for one now. Hard to find nearby (Gloucester-Camden Counties in South Jersey). I did see Dynamite, but I didnt find it to be as nice a red as Red Rocket. Im glad some on here found this to be true also.

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Hello Friends:

I originally asked this question way back in 2008. I'm effdeevee.

To make a long, boring story short, I found a 10 foot tall, 20 gallon single-stem standard, "DYNAMITE" at a great price, so, ... I bought the tree, and had it shipped to me.

The tree is doing fine, and it puts on quite a show each summer, but, the flower color is a BIG disappointment!!!!!

If the sun ducks behind a cloud for more than 15 minutes the flowers fade to deep, rose-pink, and, God forbid if the weather goes cloudy for a few days, the opening buds bloom white, ... giving the tree a two-toned effect. I hate the way the flowers are so unstable! Bad genetics!

I also have a smaller "ARAPAHO" in the same area, and for my money, it's a much better variety, and, the color is just about the same as the fickle, "DYNAMITE" I think the hype about "DYNAMITE" is just another big crock ... lousy bloom color, leaves mildew if it rains too long, and worse, not anywhere near "true red" by my standards.

Before I totally condemn this variety, maybe my area is not the optimum climate for this tree. It certainly hasn't performed to my expectations at all.

I will probably be replaced.

Best regards,


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Don't ever buy from

We ordered a 4-6ft an Arapaho from them for about 100$ last December 2011. What they sent this March 2012 was a twig about 3.5ft tall. We planted it. The tree has a few leaves now but not showing any sign of growing. Never mind fast growing.

Such a rip-off!

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Hi. If you were really, really concerned about a specific hue, Crepe Myrtle may not be the best flowering tree/shrub. As you know, they need full, bright sun to bloom to potential and proper PH. The most true to design + spectacular ones down here in the deep south are (in my opinion) in highway medians in cities like Houston or along some streets in Savannah. Sun + Hot + Wet (well the wet can come and go really, they can take it).

Be glad you have a healthy one and enjoy the long lasting blooms no matter what hue they are! And don't curse the clouds, they may leave you high and dry ;-)

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I have both the Red Rocket and Dynamite in my yard. I love the red color of both but I think I like the red of Red Rocket best. I think the Red Rocket has the most beautiful red color of any myrtle I've seen.

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My Dynamite, Red Rocket and Siren Red continue doing very well this year. So much red color in my yard, it was really special. Recently, I found Calloway and Home Deport were selling a new red myrtle called Black Diamond. They were all 1.5 feet only, as they are so new and I did not see anyone has it yet. I bought 6, due to its deep purple leaves and deep red flowers. Nothing like that I have seen. Unlike Dynamite, Red Rocket and a few others being similar in many ways, Black Diamond is different and it seems selling fast. I put them in ground already, lining up along my drive way. Will post next year to share with you how they are doing.

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Agree that Dynamite is the best for a deep blood red color. They do not grow as fast as some of the others though...

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I will have to keep my eyes peeled for 'Black Diamond'.

My Red Rockets and Dynamites are doing great this year, Lotsa fantastic red flowers.

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