who asked about wsing in a greenhouse?

ishareflowersApril 14, 2013

I did all my winter sowing in a small greenhouse this year, it was unheated until April,1st. I picked up a $7 heater at walmart and set it at 65, I turn it off during the day. I am amazed at how well every thing is doing. I have hollyhocks that are 8/10 inches tall already.

I planted lots of alyssum and some is budding, ready to bloom.

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I can't figure out how to get more than one at a time.....I'm sure you get the drift...lol

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Wow! Those seedlings look terrifc! I WS my perennials in jugs outdoors and my annuals in an unheated pop-up greenhouse. I only put the greenhouse up last weekend so only a few tiny sprouts here and there (alyssum, lettuce, a couple of other fast starters)

Just be careful of the daytime heat in the greenhouse (from the sun...it looks like you only use your heater at night). It can get too toasty too fast! Mine has a door and window vents (kind of like a big clear plastic tent) and I leave them open most of the time. It gets warm even with just a little sun.

I use to put it up earlier in the season and try to heat it at night with a heater, but then we had the late snow storm year and the weight of the snow collapsed the framing a bit, sending shelving units full of flats toppling. I was so upset. So now I always wait till April 1.

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Hi Nan,

They are some good looking seedlings, aren't they?

I bought this little greenhouse in Home Depot one day for $100 "online price $219> and boy am I glad I did. I put it up in October and it has taken all the wind, sleet, rain and snow New England has had to offer. this is my second year with it and it still looks new!

Funny story, My husband needed a little part for something he was working on one day , He wanted me to take a ride to Home depot with him, I didn't want to go! I told him I would go if he would go to the one In New Hampshire (I'm in MA. but only 15 minutes away from New Hampshire) He agreed and off we went.

I walked into the door to HD and right in front of my face was my little greenhouse. I was so happy because I had been looking in MA for another but hadn't seen one since buying my first two years ago. At first, I thought I was seeing things, the price was now $25! I talked two customers into to buying one each and I took the last 3 that were in boxes. We were in the store all of 5 minutes and the display model was gone as well. What a great buy!!!

It's small but it has worked extremely well for me...I would recommend it to anyone.


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Very nice! Great looking sprouts. I use an unheated greenhouse for some annuals and veggies. It also serves as a potting shed when I am planting my milk jugs. This is my 2nd greenhouse as I lost my first one in a tornado. It was the first thing to get replaced, lol.

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PVick(6b NYC)

Hi Lisa! Nice to "see" you again!

Those ARE some lovely sprouts! Makes me wish I had started sowing earlier this year.

But .... that greenhouse is adorable! And what a deal! I just went googling and it's $219 online. I can see it now, at the eastern end of my terrace .... perfect! LOL!

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

My home depot had the same greenhouse for $99 last summer and I passed it up twice. Then I decided I wanted it and it was gone. :( That'll teach me. Your plants look great.

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