winter sowing turned into dirt shoveling-pic heavy

jodie74(6)April 17, 2011

I had to break away from winter sowing & haul dirt to make my babies new homes.... Happy to be about done because ws'ing is SO MUCH EASIER than hauling dirt! LOL Thank You to my wonderful son & husband for their help!!

here's some pics of my new flower beds.....

I basically outlined my whole corner lot with flower beds so I have TONS OF ROOM FOR MY NEW SEEDLINGS!! Plus it will help keep kids & balls in the yard! :P

Now I can switch back to ws'ing & get my ANNUALS DONE!!!!

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Now THAT'S what I call eye-candy!!! Woohoo!!! Way to go Jodie! Looks like quite a few of my grand-sprouts will have a wonderful home. Thanks for sharing--I'm looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures once your WS babies are planted and growing.

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terrene(5b MA)

Wow - how awesome you have all those naked beds ready to be planted! I love the curving edges. Will you be mixing any shrubs, small trees, grasses, etc. with the flowers in your beds?

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)



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bev2009(6 IN)

What beautiful beds for your babies. Do you have it all planned out with what you've sown? Are you doing heavy perennials and some annuals? Any color scheme in particular. With such a planned start I'm guessing you've got this really together.

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Jodie! I am SO envious! Wish I had half that much room-your home is going to look beautiful!
I hope you have time to post pics as the beds continue to develop!

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Hi Jodie,What wonderful flower beds you are going to have, I love the curved beds as well.Did you lay down cardboard to kill the grass under the new soil?
This was a back breaking job, I can tell.Very nice

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Yes, gardened, you should be seeing LOTS of "grand-sprouts!". Lol
I do plan to mix in some grasses, peony bushes perhaps some lilacs but otherwise mostly flowers. I do have tall stuff too.. Malvas, hollyhocks, sunflowers, foxgloves, etc......

My plan..... I WISH I HAD ONE! LOL. but by the time I finish the beds and finish sowing my annuals it'll be time to plant! I know I want to plant in drifts but it will be alot of HOS- plunk & run!!! With over 800 containers and probably end up closer to 1000 I don't have time to formulate a plan or color scheme. I hope this is not my CRICTICAL MISTAKE IN ALL THIS! Seems like lots of others plunk & run so I'm hoping it turns out. :P

I did lay down cardboard and newspaper under everything! Someone posted a pic of their curved beds and I just loved it so I knew that was what I wanted. Can't remember who it was though. I even have their pic as my screen saver on my computer for inspiration. Lol

I PROMISE to post pics as my babies grow cause most of the seed came from ALL THE KIND AND GENEROUS PEOPLE ON GW!!!!

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Jodie - you and yours have done one fine job! Just love the way you shaped the beds - they will look so beautiful when filled with your "grand sprouts"! Thank you for sharing!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Can't wait to see everything growing in there. It's going to be awesome!


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Wow! That is going to be a beautiful set-up. Congratulations! Jodie!

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It is beautiful even before the flowers!


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