Is there any part of the redbud toxic to dogs

cadillactasteAugust 4, 2013

Wanting to add a weeping redbud to the mix next spring. I've a dog who'll nip at a plant to eat a leaf. I seen this tree is not toxic to livestock but I want to verify it is also safe for dogs.

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It should be. Both the flowers and the beans are edible to humans.

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Scotjute...that it isn't toxic to humans...isn't always the fall back. Grapes we can consume. But I've known a person whose dog passed away when it got into raisins. And the local nursery knew I had dogs...when looking to plant a vine over the pergola...they steered me away from grapes which I was leaning toward. Due to it toxic for dogs.

I'm thinking since I can't find it anywhere that it must be safe...maybe I'll give the nursery a call...see if they know anything about it. If they have any information...I'll share it here.

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cadillactaste of the few pods that are NOT toxic :O) she is checking on spring pricing for the Ruby Falls as well. I don't think we have room for the Lavender Twist. Photos look as if it can get...wide.

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Veterinary pathologist here, and plant enthusiast on the side.
While toxicology is not my specialty, I can think of no reason why the dogs won't pose a greater threat to the redbud than the other way around. No potential toxicity that I'm aware of.

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Thanks lucky_p they had gotten their information off the Internet. And it wasn't on a list of things toxic. But hearing you also agree is peace of mind.

We planted a Weeping Ryusen and learned it is toxic. Though...the area it is planted...the dog is not allowed. So that is a is also is deep into the hardscape and the dog refuses to walk on it. So two positives to where it is planted. Can't believe I listened to a nursery that I am not familiar with. Bought it on a whim...seen it in the parking lot of the mall...where a nursery sets up.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

FWIW my neighbor had an airdale back in the day. When the dog was young it chewed on everything I hear including a redbud he planted. He chewed it soo much eventually it turned into a dozen stemmed tree which my neighbor just wound together.

The dog lived to a ripe old age and this twisted and contorted redbud is still kicking also.

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If you are referring to Acer palmatum 'Ryusen', then you have been misinformed about its toxicity to dogs - it has none. Again, the toxicity of the dog towards the tree is likely to be much more pronounced :-)

FWIW, I have gardened with multiple dogs in my life for years and there are very few plants that can actually cause real harm to a dog should they munch on them. In most cases with even quite toxic plants, the pet would need to eat more than just a leaf to cause injury.

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Tornado...interesting story...sounds as the redbud is a very hardy specimen. Lol

Gardengal...on a list of toxic dog plants under said any Acer. So I assumed the Ryusen was part of that grouping. I would love to hear it wasn't the case.

I have a dog that is MRD1 sensitive to I worry plants may effect her more sensitively as well. Her mother is positive for the gene. As is her she more or less falls into that classification as well.

MDR1 FAQs. Australian Shepherds, along with several other mostly collie-type breeds, can carry a genetic mutation that makes them sensitive to certain drugs.

I had a friends dog...die after eating rasins. I know the nursery says grapes are toxic to dogs. I have a leaf I try to be cautious...I'll look into the Ryusen more...just assumed since it was an fell into that grouping.

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Certain Acer species are toxic to livestock (horses especially) but none are toxic to dogs. And the danger is in the dosage as well - any number of plants can sicken pets if they chew up a leaf or two and cause an upset tummy but with most plants they would need to consume a great deal of it to cause any serious harm.

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In the book Poisonous Plants, subtitled A Handbook for Doctors, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, Biologists, and Veterinarians, redbud is not listed. The only maple species mentioned is A. rubrum, specifically re: dried leaves and equine related species, with passing reference to cattle, no other species, human or otherwise reported. So unless your dog has a reaction previously unreported in all of North American or European pharmaecopia literature (as of 2004), it's safe to say the answer is a resounding no.

but I get it. you care. about your dog. no one else can care as much as you do. because no one else in the whole world has a pet that they care about.

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Thanks gardengal!

Strobiculate...Thank you so much for naming a book. I plan on finding such a book for peace of mind. Never seen a dog walk by and nip a weed or leaf such as that.

I get ya...we got a group of animal loving folk...but...when its your's your baby. ;O)

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