Red bud with yellow leaves

stuckinthedirt(6b VA (Shenandoah Valley))August 18, 2008

I planted an eastern red bud early this spring. It is about 8 feet tall. I put some osmocote in the ground around the root ball when I planted. I watered deeply 1-2x/week, until about a month ago. Then with travel, and forgetting, it has been watered more like once every 1-2 weeks. I have noticed that the leaves are getting yellow (some fully yellow). The veins of the leaves are the same color of the rest of the leaf, not darker. Some leaves look dry, or burnt.

What is the best thing to help my tree? I have started to increase the watering again.

I'll try to post some photos tomorrow.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dig a small hole.. and find out how much water is actually getting into the root zone ...

is the tree properly mulched???

next time skip the fert in the hole ... dont fixate on that now...

insure PROPER water through dormancy ....

it is NOT uncommon .. on transplanted trees to show high signs of stress ... during it first or second summer after transplant .... perhaps just a survival mechanism... reducing leaf count to the truncated root system ... as long as they dont all turn brown and fall off 2 months before they are supposed too ... i would give it high odds of returning.. subject to the pix ... and even early dormancy.. wouldnt be fatal ... with a redbud ...

starting with a smaller tree .... would probably have avoided this... they just adapt faster on the root to leaf ratio ....

good luck


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I have had a redbud for a number of years (in DC). Its leaves tended to yellow in late summer, especially if it is dry (I watered it regularly for the first few years, but less so once established). It's come back healthy the next year with flowers/buds. In other words, I wouldn't worry too much.

(Dunno how your weather has been, but in DC we've received almost no rain in the last month, other than a couple of sporadic downpours)

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